Statebourne Cryogenics 9901064 Pouring Transporter Trolley for Cryolab 25 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

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The transporter trolley is designed for use with Statebourne’s Cryolab 25 liquid nitrogen dewar, combining the facility to lift and transport the dewar as well as providing an easy means of pouring liquid.

Dimensions: Height 1033mm Width 472mm


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See attachment for Operating Instruction as outlined here

  • Before lifting ensure that the Cryolab 25 is standing on an even surface. Turn the trolley over from it’s standing position so that the lifting slots are level with the trunnions located below the handles of the dewar. Slide the trolley forward until both trunnions are located as far into the lifting slots as possible
  • Slowly raise the handle of the trolley using the curved forks as a pivot to lift the dewar and lower the wheels to the ground
  • The Cryolab 25 should now be mounted on the trolley and ready to use.
  • Once mounted on the trolley, the liquid can be poured from the Cryolab 25 by carefully rotating the dewar using the handles on either side of the neck. Always ensure that the trolley is in a stable position before pouring liquid.
  • Having lifted the Cryolab 25 onto the trolley as previously described, it can now be easily transported while being maintained in an upright position. The trolley should not be used on rough, uneven surfaces.
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