Statebourne Cryogenics 5801252 Biosystem 24 ICS - Liquid Phase, Cell Cryoboxes, numbered racks (24,050)

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LN2 Capacity (litres) Vapour/Liquid32/178
Internal usable height mm745
Internal usable diameter mm617
Weight Empty (Kg)202
Weight Full (nitrogen) excluding ICS (kg)346
Overall height (lid closed) mm1077
Lid opening height mm1750
Overall width mm741
Overall depth mm900
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The Biosystem 12, 24 and 50 models are designed to provide frequent-access users with rapid specimen storage and retrieval.

Full control and security backup is provided by a class-leading microprocessor controlled-system.

State of the art construction allied with the very latest in super-insulation techniques ensure that the Biosystem Access Series offer a unique combination of security and economy along with excellent isothermal properties.

Every Biosystem Access series container can be configured for either liquid (-196°C), or Vapour phase storage. In vapour-phase operation, our design-flexibility is such that units can be configured to store at temperatures from -150°C to as low as -190°C.

Every Biosystem Access-Series unit is backed by our comprehensive 5 year vacuum Warranty and further compliance with the EC Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EC

Access Series Features
  • Castor mounted for easy location and movement within laboratory
  • Full width top opening for quick access placing and retrieving samples
  • Key operated lockable lid for complete access security
  • Smooth surface high efficiency insulating neck plug for easy cleaning
  • Painted stainless steel top plate for strength and no corrosion
  • Coloured anodised storage racks available for easy identification
  • Full operation and insulation instructions provided
  • Installation, training, commissioning and on site maintenance are available worldwide
  • De-Fog and quick chill functions for good visibility on lid opening and accelerated re-cooling after lid is shut. (timings configurable through Microprocessor settings)
  • Control Systems can cope with LN2 pressure range from 20 to 40 psi

Access Series Options
  • Vapourphase - Super chill features for vapour phase storage provides temperature in the refrigerator lower than -190°C
  • Vapour Guard features provides guaranteed non contact between samples and liquid nitrogen (Biosystem 24 and 50 only)
  • Pipelines. Hot Gas by-pass feature provides additional economy when filling is by longer pipe lines as well as elimination of frost formation.
  • Daisy-chain systems makes use of the cold pipeline and can save 20-50% LN2 consumption

Access Series Microprocessor Controller features
  • Fully alarmed for any abnormal refrigerator condition
  • Data-logging of temperature vs time and all events
  • Data retention ensured by back-up battery (automatically charged)
  • PC connection port for desktop control and downloading data.
  • Self-diagnostic electronic circuitry
  • Full automatic refrigerator operational control
  • Connection port for remote alarms
  • Connection port for autodialler
  • User configurable parameters for time and temperature functions


The tested logic of Statebourne's Microprocessor controller has been incorporated in to the proven Biosystem Access series refrigerators with sample security as the most important priority. Statebourne Engineers continously monitor performance of all components and every unit is rigorously tested in service conditions in our factory before shipment.

BIOSYSTEM Access 12 - The smallest fully automatic liquid nitrogen refrigerator in this series, with a capacity for the storage of 10250 2ml ampoules in the vapour phase or 12300 in the liquid phase. This model provides storage of samples for the smallest laboratory with maximum security.

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