Shodex HPLC columns show a perfect separation performance. A huge variation of separation techniques is available. The separation techniques start with reversed phase, normal phase, HILIC, ion chromatography, ion exchange, ion exclusion, size exclusion chromatography, multi mode chromatography and a lot more.

The separation performance is guaranteed by using different stationary phases, mostly with polymer-based (or copolymers) resins. Polymeric gels show a variation of advantages compared to silica-based stationary phases, like e.g. almost unlimited pH value usage, chemical stability, bleeding reduction of the stationary phase, low base line noise with use of particle sensitive detectors, high theoretical plate numbers, very low adsorptive behavior and as well a good temperature stability.

The variation options of polymeric and/or copolymeric stationary phases in combination with surface modifications and use of functional groups creates a huge variety, which can be hardly found in silica-based gels.

Our production site produces all steps, starting from the gel production itself to the filling of the columns and as well all relevant quality standard tests. With the above mentioned items we're able to do all LC analysis in a very efficient way.