Shinwa Chemicals ULTRON VX-ODS Reverse Phase HPLC Preparative Column, 250 × 20mm, 15um Particle Size

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Particle Size Pore Size Specific Surface Area Carbon Content
5μm 120A 300m2/g 16%


Reproducibility between column lots

  1. Reproducibility between column lots
    ULTRON VX-ODS columns are checked using stringent quality control in each manufacturing process.
    Only ULTRON VX-ODS columns that pass repeated testing during the manufacturing processes are shipped to customers. k' and α values obtained using ULTRON VX-ODS columns display only extremely small differences between lots. ULTRON VX-ODS columns also display excellent reproducibility and stability in other tests between column lots.
  2. Stereoselectivity, distribution equilibria
    ULTRON VX-ODS columns, which have monolayers of octadecyl groups, display excellent stereoselectivity with respect to sample molecules. Distribution equilibria are reached rapidly when performing gradient elutions and when mobile phases are changed.
  3. Pressure resistance
    Because ULTRON VX-ODS columns use spherical silica gel, they display excellent pressure resistance, and stable separations can be achieved even at fast mobile phase flow rates.
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ULTRON VX-ODS columns employ ULTRON VX-SIL as a substrate to which monomeric octadecyl groups are chemically bonded. Our unique end-capping technology (secondary silylation) leads to reductions in the influence of residual silanol groups. We provide three types of particle diameters (5, 10, and 15 μm). We also have a variety of columns with inner diameters ranging from 1 mm (narrow bore) to 50 mm (for preparative separations). Please select an appropriate column size according to your intended purpose.

Correspond to USP number L01: Octadecyl silane bonded to porous silica or ceramic microparticles, 3 to 10 micrometers in diameter.

  • Manufacturer
    Shinwa Chemical Industries Ltd
  • Chromatography HPLC or GC
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