The history of Sherwood Scientific can be traced back more than 50 years to the founding of one of our antecedent companies Evans Electroselenium Ltd. This company was founded by Arthur Evans in the late 1930s and was based on the exploitation of the applications of the selenium photocell. The Flame Photometer and CHROMA range of Filter Photometers are examples of this exploitation.

Johnson Matthey is another company in the Sherwood story. JM is heavily involved in the precious metals industry and three Sherwood products, the Fluid Bed Dryer, the Magnetic susceptibility balances and the Microwelder were developed under their auspices.

The Sherwood products, now all manufactured in Cambridge, have also been associated with the Corning and CIBA Corning brands for several years.

Since the acquisition of these product ranges, Sherwood Scientific has developed several new versions of these products. The Model 420 is a Dual channel Flame Photometer with Internal standard and available for Clinical and Industrial samples. The AUTO MSB uses the same principle of measurement as the classic Evans design but is 200 times more sensitive.