Seward BA6042/HD Stomacher® 3500 Series Bags, Heavy Duty Bags, 380 x 510mm 400-3500ml , 250 per pack (5 x sachets of 50)

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Stomacher® 3500 Series Bags

Choose between the BA6042 standard Stomacher® 3500 Bag (65 microns) or for more resilient applications use the BA6042/HD Heavy Duty blender bag which has a greater thickness of 80 microns.

Heavy Duty Bag
380 x 510mm
250 (sachets of 50)

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Stomacher® Bags

The Stomacher® Bag range has been designed to fulfil all applications from sample blending, straining and storage, including bags designed for extensive blending (processes requiring more than 15 minutes on the machine) and small samples for life science applications.

Made from high quality food grade virgin LDPE granule extruded to 65um film thickness, our Stomacher® blender bags are designed to withstand extensive blending without tears or perforations. This provides a low cost option for sample preparation with no risk of cross contamination between samples.

All Stomacher® blender bags are irradiated sterile. A certificate of irradiation is available for all bag products upon request.

So which Stomacher® blender bag should I use?


Standard Bags (BA6041, BA6040, BA6042, BA6141)

  • Available in 80, 400 and 3500ml
  • Our simplest and widely used bag, designed for blended homogenisation of diluent samples for most applications.
  • Available for both the Stomacher® 400 Classic (BA6041) and Stomacher® 400 Circulator (BA6141).
  • Compatible with all lab blenders homogenizers.

Strainer Bags (BA6040/STR, BA6040/STR/DBL, BA6041/STR, BA6141/STR)

  • Available in 80 and 400ml
  • Strainer blender bags are for samples that produce a large amount of debris or fat or harder samples such as shellfish.
  • Strainer blender bags contain a robust strainer element to make it easier to pipette the sample produced (pore size 0.5mm, prevents pore blockage and non-homogenous sample).
  • Compatible with all lab blenders homogenizers.

Closure Bags (BA6040/CLR, BA6040/CLR/STR, BA6041/CLR, BA6141/CLR)

  • Available in 80 and 400ml
  • Closure blender bags are a robust range of bags with a wire mesh band at the top of the bag, allowing easy opening and tight closure for storage in a Seward bag rack or incubator.
  • Includes the BA6040/CLR/STR for the Stomacher® 80 Biomaster and microBiomaster, providing a closable bag with a robust strainer element to make it easier to pipette the sample produced.
  • Compatible with all lab blenders homogenizers.

Exclusive Bags


  • Designed for use in the Stomacher® 80 Biomaster and microBiomaster
  • Unique reverse-tapered design allows the blending of very small samples, ensuring a complete homogenised sample while maximising cell recovery.
  • Ideal for the Bio-Sciences field i.e. homogenisation of mice spleens


  • Designed for use in Stomacher® 3500 series
  • These heavy duty 80um blender bags are especially designed for applications requiring long blending times or where the sample requires a highly durable encasing for sample preparation.
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