Rodwell Ensign 100 Floor Standing AutoClave, 100 Litre Capacity, 138°C Max Temperature

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Capacities and dimensions (approx) 

Model Ensign 100 

  • Autoclave Weight 215kg
  • Export Case Size 740w x 1370h x 990d
  • Overall Dimensions 560w x 1090h x 800d 
  • Chamber Dimensions 460 Ø x 570d
  • Chamber Capacity 100 Litres
  • Water Consumption (typical per cycle) 600ml 
  • 1L Media Bottles 24 
  • 2L Media Bottles 14 
  • 500ml Media Bottles 38 
  • Basket Dimensions (x2) 420Ømm x 280Hmm
  • Waste Discard Dimensions (x1) 413Ømm x 492mm
  • Hoist H2410x600Wx380D

Optional Accessories 

  • † Loading Baskets
  • † Waste Discard System 
  • † Fan Assisted High Speed Cooling 
  • † Air Ballasting to prevent boil over of liquid loads 
  • † Air removal HEPA filter (for CAT3 environments) 
  • † Range of cycle recording systems 
  • † Vacuum & Drying options 
  • † Anti Lime scale system 
  • Easy touch button Loading Hoist
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The Ensign is a robust and reliable autoclave, ideal for any mid-sized laboratory that needs a configurable workhorse they can rely on for smooth operation.

Key Features & Options

  • 100 & 125 litre variants
  • MP 25 controller
  • Robust space-saving design
  • Single or 3-phase supply
  • Additional loading baskets
  • Automatic fill
  • Automatic drain and re-fill
  • Scale prevention systems
  • Waste discard system
  • High speed fan accelerated cooling
  • Range of loading hoists
  • Vacuum air removal system
  • Range of cycle recording systems
  • Air removal HEPA filter

Option Requirements

  •  Air Supply at 38 psi, 7 cfm required for Air Ballasting option 
  • Post Cycle Drying will require AC701C vacuum option. 
  • Drain requirement of 150°C, 35Ømm copper pipe at floor level.

 General Requirements

  •  † Sodium Chloride must not exceed a level greater than 500 ppm. 
  • † Use regular mains water only. DO NOT USE distilled or RO water 
  • DS Version requires a mains steam supply of 38psi 9kw 35lbs/hour 

Complying Standards 

  • PED Cat 3 Module B+D Notified Body: British Engineering No. 0040 
  • Harmonised Standards applied: EMC BS EN 61326 
  • Community directives applied : Pressure Equipment Directive  PED 2014/68/EU (formerly PED 97/23/EC) 
  • Designed in accordance with PD5500 (formerly BS5500) & BS2646 
  • Chamber and Door constructed of stainless steel BS-EN 10028-7:316 
  • ISO 9001: 2008 
  • CE Marked
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  • Manufacturer
    Rodwell Autoclave Company

Standard Features

The common control system fitted to every autoclave in the Rodwell range. The MP25 has evolved to be one of the finest laboratory instrument control systems on the market today. What sets this system apart from any other control system is that it is totally interchangeable. The same MP25 control system can be used with any Rodwell autoclave, from a bench top to a large square chambered vacuum machine.

MP25 Options

25 programs

Can be programmed and stored by the laboratory Supervisor.

Smart card access system

  • Allows programs to be stored and locked off by a supervisor
  • Operator cards give access to pre-programmed cycles only
  • Available with or without operator smartcard access for operator access

Load Activated Sterilise timer

(On/Off) prevents the sterilise timer from starting until the chamber and load have reached set point temperature.

Free steam timer (adjustable by time)

Holds the chamber at approximately 100°C (without pressurising) for a pre-determined time during the heating period and allow efective steam penetration into the load.

Delayed start (24 hour clock)

Timer option allows the autoclave to be pre-programmed at a pre-determined time so the autoclave completes a cycle just before the lab arrives for work the following morning for pre-prepared warm media.

Adjustable Stay Warm (on/off)

Keeps the chamber warm at the end of the cycle for pourable media. This is adjustable to allow the operator to select the optimum temperature.

Instrument Cycles (programs 21 to 24 only)

Exhausts the chamber at the end of the cycle for dryer glassware and instruments upon completion.