Retsch Rotor Beater Mill SR 300, with rotor, 240 mm filter hose and collecting receptacle (please order retaining frame, sieves and optional base frame separately), 200–240 V, 50/60 Hz

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The rotor mill series includes Ultra Centrifugal Mills, Rotor Beater Mills and Cross Beater Mills. Depending on the particular instrument they are suitable for the preliminary and fine size reduction of soft, fibrous and also hard materials.


size reduction, deagglomeration
Field of application
agriculture, chemistry / plastics, construction materials, environment / recycling, food, geology / metallurgy, medicine / pharmaceuticals
Feed material
soft, medium-hard
Material feed size*
< 25 mm
Final fineness*
< 50 µm
Speed at 50 Hz (60 Hz)
3,000 - 10,000 min-1 (in steps of 500 min-1)
Rotor peripheral speed
22 ..72 m/s
Types of rotors
standard / distance
Material of grinding tools
rotor and sieves of stainless steel
Sieve sizes
trapezoid holes 0.08 / 0.12 / 0.20 / 0.25 / 0.35 / 0.50 / 0.75 / 1.00 / 1.25 / 1.50 / 2.00 mm
round holes 3.00 / 4.00 / 10.00 mm
Hinged hopper
removeable hopper
Dust extraction unit
optional cyclone
Collector capacity
5 l / optional: 30 l
3-phase motor
Electrical supply data
200 .. 240 V
Power connection
Engine brake
yes, electric
Protection code
IP 41
Power consumption
2.5 kW
W x H x D closed
600 x 1200 x 700 mm (with base frame)
Net weight
~ 60 kg (with base frame)



Function Principle


Size reduction and deagglomeration in the SR 300 are achieved by impact and shear effects. The feed material passes from the hopper into the center of the grinding chamber where it is crushed between the rotor, sieve and grinding inserts.
As soon as the material is smaller than the aperture size of the sieve it enters the collecting receptacle. The quick-acting door lock ensures easy access to the grinding chamber for quick cleaning. With their safety switch, splashback and access barrier in the inlet and outlet areas, Rotor Beater Mills offer the highest degree of operating safety.

Subject to technical modifications and errors

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The Rotor Beater Mill SR 300 is suitable for coarse and fine size reduction, either in batches or continuously. It can process dry, soft, medium-hard, organic and inorganic substances.

With its adjustable speed of 3,000 to 10,000 rpm the rotor beater mill SR 300 is intended for universal use: from sample preparation in laboratories up to preparing sample batches in pilot plants or production facilities. The grinding chamber, the feed hopper and the material inlet are completely made fromhigh quality stainless steel.

Application Examples

bentonite, chemical products, coal, coke, drugs, feed pellets, fertilizers, food, graphite, gypsum, herbs, pharmaceutical materials, plant materials, plastics, powder coating, resins, rice, salts, seeds, soils, spices, sugar, ... continue to application database

Product Advantages

  • suitable for batchwise operation of larger quantities
  • high final fineness
  • adjustable speed for different applications
  • easy cleaning thanks to exchangeable push-fit grinding insert, rotor and cassette
  • grinding chamber, feed hopper and material inlet and outlet of stainless steel
  • optional grinding inserts 180° for grinding of hard-brittle materials by additional impact
  • optional distance rotor to reduce frictional heat
  • removable hopper for easy cleaning
  • electric engine brake
  • defined final fineness due to bottom sieves with aperture sizes from 0.08 - 10 mm
  • central locking device
  • wide range of accessories including various collection and feeding systems, rotors and sieves



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Retaining frames and ring sieves for SR 300

Retaining frame 360° of stainless steel

22.642.0004Retaining frame 360°


Ring sieves 360° of stainless steel

Trapezoid holes0.08 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.12 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.20 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.25 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.35 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.50 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.75 mm 

Trapezoid holes1.00 mm 

Trapezoid holes1.25 mm 

Trapezoid holes1.50 mm 

Trapezoid holes2.00 mm 

Round holes3.00 mm 

Round holes4.00 mm 

Round holes10.00 mmfor pre-grinding


Retaining frame 180° of stainless steel

02.143.0066Retaining frame with grinding insert for sieves 180°


Sieves 180° of stainless steel

Trapezoid holes0.08 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.12 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.20 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.25 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.35 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.50 mm 

Trapezoid holes0.75 mm 

Trapezoid holes1.00 mm 

Trapezoid holes1.25 mm 

Trapezoid holes1.50 mm 

Trapezoid holes2.00 mm 

Round holes3.00 mm 

Round holes4.00 mm 

Round holes10.00 mmfor pre-grinding


Vibratory Feeder DR 100 for SR 300

DR 100 complete unit, incl. feeding kit (push-fit feed chute 75 mm, holder for push-fit feed chute, hopper 3.5 litres, holder for hopper) and fixture
70.938.2003DR 100, 220–240 V, 50 Hz

70.938.2004DR 100, 220–240 V, 60 Hz

70.938.2005DR 100, 200 V, 60 Hz

70.938.2006DR 100, 200 V, 50 Hz


Cyclone-suction-combination for SR 300

Cyclone unit incl. 5 litres collection receptacle (to be used with industrial vacuum cleaner)

Cyclone unit incl. 30 litres collection receptacle (to be used with industrial vacuum cleaner)

Industrial vacuum cleaner for mills, 230 V, 50/60 Hz (other electrical versions and spare filter bags available upon request)


Additional items SR 300

22.717.0007Distance rotor of stainless steel

22.717.0006Rotor of stainless steel

Sieve cassette, stainless steel

22.187.0008Ring-type filter for collecting receptacle 5 litres

22.748.0001Dust filter clamping rings for ring-type filter, incl. 5 dust filters

22.524.0002Dust filters for ring-type filter, 25 pieces

02.011.0038Collecting receptacle, 5 litres, stainless steel

Filter hose for collecting receptacle 5 litres, length 240 mm, incl. comfort flange

02.186.0037Spare filter hose for 02.187.0020

Collecting receptacle, 30 litres, plastic, incl. filter hose and comfort flange

02.186.0042Spare filter hose for 22.003.0015