Retsch BB 200 Jaw Crusher, 3/N~ 400 V, 50 Hz, Tungsten Carbide / Stainless Steel - Breaking Jaws / Wearing Plates

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The Jaw Crusher BB 200 is used for the rapid, effective crushing and pre-crushing of medium-hard, hard, brittle and tough materials. Its variety of materials offered, including heavy-metal free steel, its efficiency and safety makes it ideal for sample preparation in laboratories and industrial plants.

For small amounts of sample the BB 200 can be used batch-wise; for larger amounts it can be operated continuously. Control of the gap width and zero point adjustment allow for reproducible results. The Belleville spring washer protects the Jaw Crusher from overloads and in conjunction with maintenance- and lubricant-free sliding bearings guarantees a long service life.


alloys, basalt, cement clinker, ceramics, chamotte, coal, coke, construction materials, feldspar, glass, granite, minerals, ores, oxide ceramics, quartz, rocks, silicon, slag, ...


  • excellent crushing performance
  • wear compensation with zero-point adjustment
  • infinitely gap width setting
  • overload protection
  • wide range of materials for contamination free grinding
  • no-rebound feed hopper with quick-release clamp
  • brake motor with safety switch
  • easy-to-clean crushing chamber
  • continuous grinding
  • connector for dust extraction
  • maintenance- and lubricant-free sliding bearings
  • suitable for integration in automatic installations
  • special version for grinding semi-conductor materials
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Applicationscoarse and pre-crushing
Field of applicationchemistry / plastics, construction materials, engineering / electronics, environment / recycling, geology / metallurgy, glass / ceramics
Feed materialmedium-hard, hard, brittle, tough
Size reduction principlepressure
Material feed size*< 90 mm
Final fineness*< 2 mm
Material of grinding toolsmanganese steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, steel 1.1750 (for heavy-metal free grinding)
Jaw width90 x 90 mm
Gap width setting0 - 30 mm
Gap width displayscale
Zero point adjustmentyes
Hinged hopperyes
Dust extraction unityes
Maintenance- and lubricant-free sliding bearingyes
Process line versionoptional
Collector capacity5 l
Drive1-phase motor / 3-phase motor
Drive power1.5 kW
Electrical supply datadifferent voltages
Power connection1-phase / 3-phase
Protection codeIP 54
W x H x D closed450 x 1160 x 900 mm
Net weight~ 300 kg

*depending on feed material and instrument configuration/settings


The Jaw Crusher BB 200 is a robust and powerful forced-feed crusher. The feed material passes through the no-rebound hopper and enters the crushing chamber. Size reduction takes place in the wedgeshaped area between the fixed crushing arm and one moved by an eccentric drive shaft. The elliptical motion crushes the sample which then falls under gravity.

As soon as the sample is smaller than the discharge gap width, it falls into a removable collector within the Jaw Crusher. The continuous gap width setting with scale ensures optimum size reduction in accordance with the set gap width.

What is the size of the gap between breaking jaws and wearing plates of BB 100, BB 200 and BB 300?
BB 100: The gap is 0.75 mm on the right and on the left side.

BB 200: The gap is 1 mm on the right and on the left side.

BB 300: The gap is 2 mm on the right and on the left side. However, it changes when the jaws shifts.
            For example: when the jaw moves 1 mm to the left, the gap on the right is 3 mm.

How to adjust the gap size in the jaw crusher?
The correct gap setting is controlled via a scale on the side of the jaw crusher and should be adjusted every month.

Zero-point adjustment:

• Gap has to be completely closed by hand  (only when the machine is not running!)

• Then open it again a bit (about 2-3 mm) and start machine. This is important to prevent the jaws from hitting against each other when the machine is started (tungsten carbide and zirconium oxide would break!)

• Close gap very slowly and carefully until you can hear/feel a first contact between the two jaws.

• Is the scale showing the zero point? If not, you need to adjust it!

BB 50 with digital setting: in principle the gap width adjustment is the same as for the BB 100, 200 or 300. The difference is the display instead of the scale, press zero when you feel /hear the contact.

Is it recommendable to always start with the minimum gap for pre-crushing?
This depends on the application. Sometimes it is faster to start with a bigger gap size and have a second run with the gap size corresponding to the desired final fineness. Moreover, wear of the jaws is reduced if you do not start with the smallest gap width right away.


Never feed a sample to the jaw crusher if the machine is not running. Don't stop the machine as long as sample material is inside the grinding chamber, as the jaws may block. It is better to open the gap to allow the sample to fall down.

Are the particles homogeneous after crushing in a jaw crusher?
No, they are not. Long, narrow pieces may pass the gap with vertical orientation even if the particle size is much bigger than the gap.
A general rule:
To produce 10 mm particles, the gap size should be set at 5 mm if the sample tends to breaking into narrow plates. Moreover, only the minimum gap width is specified; however, during the jaw's movement the gap is necessarily opened.

Do BB 200 and BB 300 have automatic lubrication?
Yes, both crushers have central and automatic lubrication. New models (from 2018 on) have maintenance- and lubricant-free sliding bearings.

What is the best method to clean grinding tools?
In addition to the regular cleaning procedure of the grinding tools with water, more persistent contaminations may be removed by grinding particular materials. The same applies to particles which are stuck in the sieves.

Suitable cleaning materials are:

Ball Mills, Disc Mills, Jaw Crushers, Mortar Grinders:
Glass or quartz sand, a few additional drops of ethanol or propanol might help

Jaw Crusher:

Rotor Mills:
Dry noodles or rice

Cutting Mills:
Wooden pellets

Which of the Jaw Crushers have dust extraction?
The jaw crushers BB 100, BB 200 and BB 300 have dust extraction for direct connection of a vacuum cleaner. The jaw crushers BB 250, BB 400 and BB 500 also have dust extraction. With the adapter (03.025.0137), a standard vacuum cleaner can be connected.
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