Laboratory Spark Free Fridges and Freezers

Sparkfree Fridges/Freezers are engineered to store flammable materials safely with all sources of ignition removed from the inside of the cabinet


ATEX Approved

If a product is to be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere, it must be ATEX Approved. In order for a product to become ‘ATEX Approved’ it need to have been tested and certified to ensure that it meets the acceptable standards and is eligible to display the ‘CE’ and ‘Ex’ marks. The ‘CE’ and ‘Ex’ marks both indicate that the product complies with the essential ATEX Certification

The Internal refrigeration chamber of all ATEX approved products are classified as Zone 2, category 3 when the door is closed. The external parts of the refrigerator are classed  as a safe area and therefore do not need to comply with the requirements of the Directive.

Products: 120 of 31
Products: 120 of 31