Prestige Medical 219761 Label Printer for Classic Media Autoclaves

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  • External label printer in continuous production, for large quantities. Label your load securely, by plugging in the printer device in a few simple steps.
  • £180.00
  • To guarantee a complete and correct sterilization protocol, by keeping a trace of it, Prestige Medical has developed three fundamental procedures and indicators: validation, traceability and monitoring.
  • The validation makes it possible to guarantee the result of an operation (whether it is sterilization or welding of the envelopes)
  • Traceability makes it possible to check the information which certifies the sterility of an instrument before its use, by indicating on the envelopes the following data: date of sterilization, type of cycle carried out, sequential number, result of the cycle, operator who carried out the cycle and expiration date provided for by the internal sterilization protocol.
  • Finally, monitoring makes it possible to verify the information which certifies the sterility of the instrument after its use on the patient (thus making it possible to prove that the instrument used on such date and on such patient was well sterile).
  • These three joint aspects are fundamental, not only for working safely and independently, but also because they allow the professional to defend himself effectively in the event of legal action. Another type of security, and not the least!
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