Precisa XM50 Moisture Analyser Balances, Series 330 XM, Maximum Capacity 52g, Readability 0.001g, Pan Size 100mm Dia, 30 - 170°C Temperature Range

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XM50 Moisture Analyser is ideal for  routine analysis and where budget may be limited.  Weighing capacity up to 52g and 0.001g readability, the XM50 is ideal for customers who do not have multiple methods or the requirement to analyse large capacities or high temperatures.  Temperature range from 30oC to 170oC.  External calibration only.  Infrared Heating Element.  Only 1 method can be stored.  3 year warranty.


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Moisture Analysers from Precisa – for efficient measurements and accurate results.

Precisa has a wide range of moisture analysers for a variety of applications.  From food, pharmaceutical, environmental or any other market where moisture content is important, a Precisa moisture analysers will have an ideal product.

From the entry level model XM50 to the top of the range EM-120HR, the Precisa family of Moisture Analysers features robust mechanics, inspiring design, compact footprint and a high level of accuracy and precision.

The XM Series features 4 different models to cover a wide range of applications.  Featuring readabilities from 1mg  (0.001g) to 0.1mg (0.0001g), temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius and a choice of heating elements, the XM Series provides simplicity and flexibility for all the models in the range.


  • Easy operation and method set-up through membrane keypad
  • External calibration option for engineer or qualified user to perform checks and calibration of moisture analyser.
  • Multiple method storage (except for XM-50) to enable storage and recall of up to 30 methods
  • Dust Filter Option for dusty and dirty environments to prevent ingress into the electronics and weighing cell
  • Range of heating elements to fulfil different method criteria


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    Precisa Gravimetrics AG
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      100mm ø Dia