Precisa EP 225SM-DR, Executive Pro Semi-Micro Balance, Series 360 EP, Maximum Capacity 102/225g, Readability 0.00001g/0.0001g, Pan Size 80mm Dia with Internal Calibration

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EP 225SM-DR.  Executive Pro Semi-Micro Balance with 102/225g capacity and 0.00001g (0.01mg) or 0.0001g (0.1mg) readability dependant on range that balance is within.  Internal calibration (SCS) as standard.  Automatically operated round draft shield operated by IR sensors located on top of the balance.  Soft touch keys and large display enable ease of use and shortcuts to applications.  Levelling bubble located at front of balance.  Round pan 80mm diameter.  3 year warranty.  


Series 360 EP

The 360 EP Series is a premium laboratory balance Series and provides a complete range from semi-micro (5 place/0.01mg) to 1g readability balances.

The Semi-micro balance series is available with 2 different models – the EP125SM & EP225SM-DR which have 125g and 225g capacities respectively.  The latter is a dual range instrument (DR) which switches range and readability when the load applied to the balance pan exceeds 102g.  It will then display the reading as a 4 place (0.1mg) balance until the load is decreased below this capacity.

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In addition to these features the Series also has:

  • Automatic round draftshield operated by IR sensors located on top of the draftshield
  • Automatic Internal Calibration (Self Calibration System – SCS) as standard which can be triggered automatically or manually by continuous depression of the Tare key
  • Large Graphical User Interface enabling easy visual checks of balance operation, capacity, user log in etc.
  • 6 programmable soft keys to enable easy access to predetermined methods, applications or user functions
  • Plug in modules for ease of connectivity with options such as Bluetooth, LAN, wireless available as standard
  • Compact, small footprint with all electronic modules housed in balance case
  • Levelling bubble located on front of balance to enable quick and easy verification that balance level on bench
  • GLP/GMP compatibility with features as user log in/administration functions etc. being enabled through menu system
  • Supplied with full dust cover as standard to provide protection to display and keys from dust, grease and other foreign contaminants
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    Precisa Gravimetrics AG
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    • Maximum Capacity
    • Readability
    • Pan Size
      80mm ø Dia
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    • Communications RS232
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