Work Chairs For The Laboratory

Work chairs for laboratories must be particularly easy to clean and have to offer the working person the highest possible comfort: This is particularly important when employees often have to work bent slightly forward in the laboratory, as otherwise back pain can easily occur. Accordingly, each individual Bimos work chair not only offers particularly flexible and versatile adjustability, but is also ergonomically designed to protect the back. The height-adjustable work stools allow for a variety of leg and foot positions and thus stimulate blood circulation. In addition, they offer freedom of movement for the seated person and at the same time take up little space themselves.

But user comfort is not everything that good work chairs for laboratories have to offer. During design and processing, particular importance was attached to a jointless design, as dust and microorganisms gather even in the narrowest gaps. The materials used for all Bimos work chairs for laboratories are easy to clean and principally antimicrobial and antifungal. If necessary, the upholstery can be removed and replaced in the blink of an eye. Depending on the laboratory in which the work chair is to be used, these special features may not be sufficient. For these cases, the special seats are also available in ESD-compliant versions to prevent electrostatic charging

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