Mettler Toledo 51320001 DA -100M 3 Place Digital Density Meter, Accuracy 0.001 g/cm3

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3 place digital density meter for measurement of density, specific gravity or concentration of aqueous solutions. Replaces manual determinations with pycnometers and hydrometers.
Specifications - DA -100M
Measurement range0 ... 3 g/cm3
Accuracy0.001 g/cm3
Temperature controlYes (Peltier)
Temperature compensationNo
Temperature range15 ... 40 °C
Sample volume1 mL (minimal)
Typical measuring time20 s
Sampling pumpOption (ASU-100)
Number of measuring methods1
Special applicationsConcentration of aqu. solution
Printer interfaceYes
Material Number(s)51320001
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