Mettler Toledo 30100246 HE53 Entry Level Halogen Moisture Balance, 54 g Capacity, 0.002 g Repeatability (sd) with 2g Sample

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Specifications - HE53 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Repeatability (sd) with 2g Sample0.002 g
Repeatability (sd) with 10g Sample0.001 g
Readability0.01 %MC
Storage1 Method;1 Result
Drying Temperature50 °C – 160 °C
Drying ProgramsStandard;Rapid
Recommended Moisture Range1.0 - 100 %MC
Result HandlingProgress Indicator
User ManagementNone
Switch-off criteriaTimed;1 Automatic Switch-off criterion (SOC 3)
Test & AdjustTemperature (100/160);Weight
Temperature Increments1 °C
Display Mode%MC;%DC;%AM;%AD;g
Maximum Capacity54 g
Material Number(s)30100246
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HE73 and HE53 Moisture Analyzer

The entry line moisture analyzers are robust and affordable instruments to reliably determine the moisture content of many products. With its on-screen assistance and easy 3-step process they are simple to use, even for untrained operators. Robust built, they  deliver reliable moisture measurements in the quality laboratory or next to the production floor. Choose this instrument if you are on a tight budget but require good performance without many functionality.

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    Mettler-Toledo GmbH
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    • Maximum Capacity
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      0.002 g/0.01 %