LTE Scientific LAB/23/01 Labclave 23 Compact Top Loading Laboratory Autoclave, 105ºC to 135ºC, 23 Litres Capacity

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The Labclave 23 is LTE Scientific’s new low-cost 23-litre laboratory autoclave. It has been designed to offer effective and fast sterilization of many laboratory load types including fluids, discard, glassware and instruments. Taking up a floor area of just 460mm x 395mm, Labclave 23 has to be one of the most compact and versatile units available. 

Note: This autoclave is not a medical device. It should be used for fluids, discard, glassware and instruments only. 


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Our standard equipment list is as follows:

Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel – manufactured from high grade 304L stainless steel.

Push-Button Door Closure – Our ingenious door closure system seals and locks the door at the push of a button. The servo-assisted motor ensures a positive seal every time.

Flexible Control System – 8 pre-set programs covering the most popular sterilization cycle. A ‘free cycle’ is also provided, allowing you to set your own specific cycle parameters quickly and easily. See table opposite for further details. Printer – A complete record of every cycle is produced on the built-in thermal printer.

Post Vacuum System – Non-liquid cycles can achieve faster cycle times thanks to the built-in vacuum pump which will aid the cooling process and help dissipate moisture from the load. Safety – pressure, temperature and timed door safety systems ensure that the door cannot be opened until the chamber has reached atmospheric pressure and 90ºC. A low water protection device is also fitted.

Air Cooled Condensate Unit – Allows the cooled condensate to be discharged directly to drain if required, although a waste container is provided as standard. Cooling Options – For maximum flexibility, 4 types of cooling method are available on the Labclave 23. 

Cooling Options – For maximum flexibility, 4 types of cooling method are available on the Labclave 23:

• Slow cooling, no vacuum – Exhaust valve is permanently closed during cooling

• Slow cooling, vacuum – Exhaust valve opens at atmospheric pressure at which point vacuum pump initiates

• Fast cooling, no vacuum – Exhaust valve is open during cooling

• Fast cooling, vacuum – Exhaust valve is open and vacuum pump is on during cooling 

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