LEEC SL2 Plant Growth and Seed Germination Cabinets, With Sealed Stainless Steel Chamber For High Humidity Work, 0 °C to +60 °C Temperature Range, 150 Litres Capacity



PL2 / SL2

Temperature Range* Lights OFF


0°C to +60°C


Temperature Range* Lights ON


+5°C to +60°C


Temperature Control Lights OFF

Typically ±0.2°C


Temperature Variation Lights OFF

Typically ±0.5°C





Via the control panel as standard the model quoted has fitted as standard a digital 24 hour timer to control the day/night cycle of lights on and off

(7 day optional)



Stainless Steel


Exterior finish

White polyester powder coated steel





Access port

2 x 12mm



Expanded PU foam


Chamber capacity

150 litres


Dimensions (External)


1075 H mm

635 W mm

660 D mm


Dimensions (Internal)



590 H mm

510 W mm

490 D mm






100 KG


Power rating

900 W


  * Temperature specification for models PL2 & SL2 at 20°C ambient

  • £5542.00

LEEC Plant Growth / Germination Cabinets are based upon the LEEC Precision cooled incubators. They have internal lighting, digital temperature cycling and digital light timers as standard to simulate day and night conditions. 

Temperature Control 

LEEC Plant Growth Cabinets use the same microprocessor based digital temperature control system as the cooled incubators on which they are based. The temperature is cycled using a digital 24 hour timer as standard, or alternatively a 7 day digital timer can be specified for no extra cost. Digital over and under temperature protection and alarms are fitted as standard to all models. The chambers are fan assisted for optimum temperature performance and stability, which in turn provides reliable, accurate storage for samples. 


All models are fitted with a digital 24 hour digital light timer to control the day / night light cycle. Each incubator door is fitted with a pair of white fluorescent tubes. These give a lighting intensity of approximately 3000 lux in the chamber. For higher lighting intensities and extra lights can be added. All lights are mounted vertically in the outer door. Each door is vented at the top and bottom to allow unwanted heat to escape from the light tubes. Plant Growth Cabinets fitted with four or more light tubes in each door also have a small extract fan in the door to help with heat removal. This helps to maintain stable temperature control, especially at lower chamber temperatures. The lowest temperature setpoint is slightly different when the lights are ON due to a small amount of heat that escapes from the lights into the chamber. 

High Humidity Models 

Two models (SL2 & SL3) have sealed, water tight chambers. These should be used when high levels of humidity are required inside the chamber, for wet sample storage or if /RH ultrasonic humidity control is required. Models SL2 and SL3 can also be factory fitted with the optional /RH ultrasonic humidity control system. This microprocessor controlled humidity system allows precise control of RH levels inside the chamber.

    • SKU
    • Commodity Codes
  • Capacity (L)
  • Temperature Range °C
    0°C to +60°C
  • Chamber
    Stainless Steel
  • Exterior Finish
    White Polyester Powder Coated Steel
  • Dimensions (mm)
    1075 x 635 x 660
  • Timers Included
    Digital 24 Hour
  • Manufacturer
    LEEC Limited
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom

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