LEEC P190D Culture Safe Precision CO2 Incubator, with 160 °C Decontamination, 190 Litre Capacity






5°C above ambient to +60°C


0% to 20%

Chamber (mm)

632(w) x 686(h) x 440(d)




± 0.1%

Chamber (inches)

24.9(w) x 27(h) x 17.3(d)


± 0.1°C @ 37°C


± 0.2%

External (mm)

765(w) x 862(h) x 740(d)


± 0.25°C @ 37°C


± 0.2%

External (inches)

30.1(w) x 34(h) x 29.1(d)


C02 Sensor


Shipping Container (mm)

925(w) x 1080(h) x 850(d)


230 vac 50/60Hz

C02 inlet pressure

min 5 psi

max 10 psi

Shipping Container (inches)

36.4(w) x 42.5(h) x 33.5(d)

Chamber Capacity

190 Litres




Power, High Temp. Option

1800w (P190D)

min 0.3 bar

max 0.7 bar


94.5kg precision 190 104kg precision 190D

Consumption to 37°C

0.058 kwh



109kg precision 190 117.5kg precision 190D

RH (@37°C


upto 95%

  • £4763.00


  • 200°C sterilisation    (Touch 190S)
  • Touch screen controller
  • Infrared CO2 sensor   (drift free)
  • One piece, seamless, deep drawn chamber
  • Full data logging   (text & graphical)
  • 316 grade electro-polished chamber
  • 190 litre chamber
  • Premium stainless steel chamber
  • Fanless design   (less risk of contamination)
  • Anti-bacterial biocide paint
  • Multi Gas / Low Oxygen version available   (Touch 190S only)


Why consider the LEEC Culture Safe versus other brands?

LEEC has almost 60 years experience of manufacturing laboratory incubators. LEEC developed the first CO2 incubator that automatically injected and controlled CO2 by the use of a thermal conductivity (T.C.) CO2 detector. LEEC developed and patented this world leading technology at this period in time, hence manufacturing the world’s 1st automatic CO2 incubator.  As you would expect from such a forward thinking innovative company, LEEC has continued its relentless R&D programme and now offers world class leading CO2 incubators with many more built-in inherent features and advantages, whilst still remaining competitively priced. Through continued R&D development, LEEC now offers as standard, state of the art drift free infra red (IR) CO2 sensors across the complete range of ALL its culture safe models.

Why consider Drift Free Infra-Red instead of conventional thermal conductivity (T.C.) CO2 Sensors?

The LEEC IR CO2 sensor offers the latest technology and is completely drift free. T.C. CO2 sensors only measure accurately at the desired 88-92% relative humidity (%RH). After the inner glass door is opened the T.C. sensor is measuring inaccurately up to a period of 1 hour after the door closure. TC technology is much older technology and its huge disadvantage is that accurate % CO2 can only be achieved once the relative humidity (%RH) has recovered back to 88-92%RH, which is typically up to 1 hour. For very important samples and cell lines this is simply not acceptable. The pH level of the culture media will not recover and cell desiccation may result as a consequence.

What is the benefit of the LEEC Culture Safe being fitted with a drift free infra red CO2 sensor?

All LEEC Culture Safe CO2 incubators are fitted with a premium quality state of the art drift free infra red CO2 sensor. This ensures accurate CO2 measurement at all instances in time and total peace of mind that your samples are culturing at the correct % CO2 level all the time. This eradicates the need for any additional auto-referencing / zeroing of the CO2 sensor which is sometimes necessary on other manufacturers incubators to stop drifting of CO2 calibration and carries the heavy the risk of contamination introduction into the incubator each time the auto-referencing / zeroing is performed.

Why consider a direct heat CO2 incubator with fanless technology instead of a fan assisted incubator?

LEEC has developed a clever six sided heating system controlled by a state of the art touch screen PID controller. There is also independent control of both the door and the base (located under the water tray) allowing for extremely accurate and precise control of temperature inside the inner chamber.  This precise control eliminates the need for a fan and is accurately achieved by the most gentle convection of air movement inside the chamber. This prevents any turbulence and possible rapid spreading of contamination introduced into the chamber by the higher turbulent air flow created by fan assisted incubators.  Another great benefit is a much larger internal chamber capacity against rivals with fans fitted, and considerably smaller external dimensions. The LEEC Culture Safe CO2 range with its very compact external dimensions will comfortably sit on a laboratory bench or even under the laboratory bench if more convenient. Many other brands are simply too large to fit in either location. 


LEEC Culture Safe Touch CO2 Incubators have a fully sealed, electro-polished, one-piece, deep drawn chamber which is manufactured from the highest grade 316 stainless steel. The outer cabinet is manufactured from stainless steel and has an anti-bacterial powder coat paint finish. This gives the CO2 incubator exceptional corrosion and contamination resistance. An inner glass viewing door closes positively onto an inert gasket (no VOC's) and allows a clear view of the chamber contents without disturbing the internal atmosphere. The outer door has a magnetic gasket providing a good seal and magnetic door locks which engage once the 200°C sterilisation cycle starts. A rear access port allows temperature monitoring probes to be inserted safely into the chamber.


We have developed a clever 6 sided heating system with high performance thermal insulation to ensure the highest standards in temperature control and stability. The independent outer door heater ensures that the inner glass door remains condensate free.   


We have designed this incubator to eliminate contamination inside the chamber. Features include fan-less air circulation, a crevice-free, electro-polished, one-piece chamber, HEPA filtered gas inlet and a market leading 200°C hot air sterilisation cycle. Externally, the paint contains an active anti-bacterial biocide.


The state of the art PID touch screen controller is designed to be as user friendly as possible, allowing the user to quickly access the required menus via a simple icon navigation system. The multi-function, PID touch screen module controls the temperature, CO2, and alarm functions (including low gas and power failure). An independent safety cut out disconnects the heating system should an over temperature condition occur. The controller can be password protected too, stopping any unauthorised adjustment to the control systems.

The touch screen controller also provides real time data logging in graphical and text format onto an SD memory card. Text and graphical data logging of temperature, CO2 and O2 (if fitted) is possible with a minimum of 72 hours graphical data logging and 100 text event logs, all conveniently saved as .csv files for viewing in Microsoft Excel® .

200°C STERILISATION CYCLE (model Touch T190S)

Independent evaluation of effectiveness of LEEC 200°C Sterilisation cycle against all spores and bacteria commonly associated to be possibly present in laboratory incubators:

The LEEC Culture Safe CO2 incubator has been independently evaluated for the effectiveness of its 200°C Sterilisation cycle. The sterilisation cycle was proven to be effective against the stubborn Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores. atcc 12980 dried on coupons (Apex Laboratories, Inc. Lot No. K00001) Aspergillus spores ATCC 16404 (formally Aspergillus niger) and Bacillus atrophaeus spores NCTC dried on coupons (prepared at HPA). 

 The benefits of LEEC Culture Safe CO2 Incubators being fanless

  • Significantly reduced risk of contamination.
  • Zero vibration: eradicates any possibility of cell edging effect.
  • Significantly less evaporation: minimise loss of water in the water tray, hence less risk of sample evaporation and possible desiccation.
  • Considerably easier to clean.
  • Very easy and quick to remove shelves and shelf racks for ease of cleaning.
  • Considerably more useable space, no ducting or built in HEPA filter to minimise useable space.
  • No hidden areas or crevasses that can be difficult to clean.
  • No fan maintenance.
  • No extra costs to replace expensive fan HEPA filters and associated health risks in doing so.
  • Helps to minimise loss of chamber conditions during inner glass door opening.
  • No turbulent airflow that can spread contamination introduced into the inner chamber quickly.


We have designed these incubators specifically to offer the lowest risk of contamination. Contamination which can enter into an incubator from the laboratory, having been introduced by clothing, by individual’s hair, by ventilation systems, by open windows or by the soles of shoes. Once inside the incubator, the contamination finds it easy to lock onto the fan. The fan then spreads the contamination effectively and makes the bad problem even worse. The fan remains the single most difficult component in an incubator to clean.   For this reason, manufacturers who have designed CO2 incubators with fans inside have to put an expensive HEPA filter in front of the fan to protect it. This adds another risk and indeed cost. Firstly, the filter must be changed on a regular basis if it is to remain effective. The change process means that contamination can spill from the dirty filter during the changing. Secondly the door is open for a long period of time and more contamination can enter and lock onto the fan. Thirdly the process is time consuming and costly. Fourthly if the filter is not changed then the incubator system is not working to its best ability. Lastly, the fan and filter take up valuable user space within the chamber. LEEC's fan-less design eradicates all of the above problems that are associated with traditional fan based CO2 incubators.



LEEC Culture Safe CO2 Incubators are covered by a 2 year warranty. 

Every LEEC Incubator is made to order to meet the exacting needs of every customer.  LEEC prides itself on being able to deliver exactly what the customer wants and enjoys the challenge of producing an  Incubator which is tailored to every specific customer need.

    • SKU
    • Commodity Codes
  • Gross Capacity (L)
  • Dimensions HxWxD (mm)
    402 x 300 x 300
  • Temperature Range (°C)
    5° above ambient to +60°C
  • CO2 range [Vol.-% CO2]
    0 to 20
  • Humidity range [% RH]
    upto 95%
  • Manufacturer
    LEEC Limited
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom

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