LEEC C3 Self Contained Recirculating Cooler, 1/4 HP Capacity, Complete with Insulated Hoses

LEEC Self Contained Recirculating Cooler Units

Class Leading Design & Technology

A retro-fit cooling solution exclusively designed for use with the following LEEC equipment:

  • CO2 incubators (all GA models)
  • LEEC Precision Incubators (P2, P3, P33)
  • LEEC Humidity Cabinets (SFC2 and SFC3)
  • Two capacities available 1/4HP and 1/3HP


C31/4 HP, 145 KCAL/H635w 330d 220h
C41/3 HP, 175 KCAL/H765w 435d 430h


Electrical supply required 240V AC, 50 Hz. Other voltages are available. Whilst the 1/4 h.p. capacity unit will be found adequate for operating 150 litre models down to +10°C, a unit of greater capacity may be required if heat dissipating apparatus or lights are used in the incubator.

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LEEC C3 and C4 Self Contained Recirculating Cooler units have been designed specifically for use with LEEC incubators. They can also be used as an indirect cooling source where any closed circuit e.g. a sealed tank or coil is available. These units can always be added at a later date to any LEEC incubator that is fitted with a cooling coil to convert it into a cooled incubator.

The indirect system of cooling incubators is the most accurate method available as the coolant that is pumped round the incubator cooling coil is only slightly colder than the required chamber temperature. This small difference in temperature means that the chamber temperature control is extremely sensitive, and that condensation and icing up problems are also minimised.

Two capacities are availableC3 (1/4 h.p) and C4 (1/3 h.p). They can be added to any of the follow LEEC models regardless of age:

  • LEEC CO2 incubators: GA2000 / GA2010 / GA3000 / GA3010 / GA150 / GA155 / GA156 / GA2 / GA2N / GA2SN.
  • LEEC Precision Incubators: P2 / PFC2 / P3 / P33.
  • LEEC Salts Type Humidity Cabinets: SFC2 / SFC3
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