Single Channel Pipettes

Single Channel Pipettes

The Single Channel Pipette A.K.A. Micropipette – The Most Essential and Utilized Pipette in the LabThe single channel pipette, also referred to as the micropipette, is to a scientist, what a pen is to a writer. 

Micropipettes are used to transfer small amount of liquid, usually down to 0.1 µL, from one vessel to another. It is essential to any molecular biology lab, as well as being used in chemistry, pharmaceutical and forensic labs, and a tool that every scientist is familiar, even an expert, with. In a molecular biology lab, it is likely to be one of the first tools you learn to use, and one every scientist spends much of their day using. As such, it is worth spending a little time choosing the best single channel pipette for your lab, and to meet your needs.

Single channel pipettes are available in both manual and electronic formats. The manual format is the classical design and is the most cost effective. The electronic micropipette format is costlier but has added benefits of increased ergonomics and reduced user to user differences, and increased accuracy and precision.  Most modern models are designed to both meet accuracy and precision needs while being ergonomic.  A focus on ergonomics has come about as more and more scientists have developed Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) due to continual pipetting.  New features such as light weight models, low plunger forces, and hand hooks have stifled much of the RSI occurring in the lab today.

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