LabHEAT® 100ml KM-GH Standard Heating Mantles 900°C for flasks, round bottom, made of glass quartz, 200 W

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for 100 ml flask, round bottom Ø 64 mm, flexible heating element, material is made of heat-resistant quartz yarn and permites a maximum heating element temperature up to 900°C, nominal power 200 W, 1 heating zone, 1,5 m power supply (earthed) cable with on-/off-switch and RCD (residual current detection), nominal voltage 230 V AC.

Technical Specification

  • Nominal voltage 230 V AC
  • Nominal power output see ordering details
  • Heating zones see ordering details
  • Safety class I
  • System of protection IP 00
  • Heating element temperature max. 900°C
  • Power supply cable 1,5 m with schuko-plug (earthed), heating-zone switch and RCD switch
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Designed identical to series KM-G; but the heating element is made of heat-resistant quartz yarn and permites a maximum temperature up to 900°C; 1,5 m power supply (earthed) cable with heating-zone switch and RCD (residual current detection); nominal voltage 230 V AC


  • for flasks, round bottom made of glass quartz
  • heat resistant material allows to work with temperature up to 900°C
  • high heating capcity - short heat-up time
  • flexible heating element an even heat transfer and a gentle treatment of the glassware
  • high quality design made by hand work
  • thermally insulated and earthed
  • four standard mounting clips with appropiate accessories a minimum of effort allows to ensure a tilt-proof set-up or to integrate within support wall
  • with residual current detection (RCD)
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