Jenway 9500 Bench Dissolved Oxygen Meter, supplied with DO2 probe with ATC (522 023), electrode holder, spare membranes, KCl fill solution, zero calibration salts, adapter bush and UK power supply

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Technical Specification


DO2 range % air saturation0 to 199%
DO2 range % oxygen saturation0 to 25.0%
DO2 range concentration (mg/l)0 to 19.99mg/l
Resolution1%, 0.1%, 0.01mg/l
Accuracy±2% within 10°C of calibration temperature
Temperature range–10 to 60°C
Temperature resolution0.1°C
Temperature accuracy±0.5°C
ATC/Manual0 to 60°C
Data Logging250 readings storage and 20 BOD sets (10 samples per set)
Clock24 hour, hrs/min/sec or day/month/ year, leap year corrected
GLPCalibration reminder, alarm outputs, security code protected user data
OutputsAnalogue, RS232 and IrDA
Connector7–pin DIN



Model 9500 DO2 meter with graphics display and ranges for %, mg/l and BOD5. Supplied with DO2 probe with ATC (522 023B), electrode holder, spare membranes, KCl fill solution, zero calibration salts, adapter bush, UK power supply and operating instructions.
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• Results as % air saturation, % oxygen or mg/l
• Automatic zeroing and calibration
• Atmospheric pressure and salinity correction
• BOD5 measurement and calculation
• RS232 for connection to printer or PC and IrDA for cableless printing option
• 3 year warranty

The 9500 is a research meter designed for use in a number of applications including fish farming/breeding, all forms of aquaculture, environmental analysis, pollution control and effluent management. The 9500 includes powerful data logging capabilities with the ability to store 250 DO2 readings either manually, at timed intervals or on alarmed events. The 9500 also includes full support for the BOD5 day test protocol and has the ability to store up to 25 BOD data sets, each with up to 10 samples.


BOD Screen

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    Jenway (part of Cole Parmer)

Jenway have an extensive range of dissolved oxygen probes suitable for portable or bench dissolved oxygen meters. The probes for the dissolved oxygen meters have all been updated in order to unify the range.

The dissolved oxygen probes have been redesigned so that they are all the same diameter. As a result of this redesign the new probes have a narrower diameter than the old probes. The new probes are easily identified with a B after the probe part number on the probe or meter packaging.
To compliment the new probe design the dissolved oxygen membranes have also been redesigned. The new membranes will not fit on old probes and old membranes will not fit on new probes.

Part CodeDescriptionUnit
970 231BDO2 probe970
541 520BDO2 probe9150/ 9200
522 023BDO2 probe9500
522 019Old replacement membranes (3) and KCl fill solution970/ 9500
522 019BNew replacement membranes (3) and KCl fill solution970/ 9500/ 9150/ 9200
Part CodeDescription
983 030Vial of zero calibration powder for DO2 probe
037 701Thermal printer with IrDA, complete with roll of paper (037 702), universal power adapter and interface cable for non- IrDA instruments
037 702Roll of paper for thermal printer
SM27Battery operated bench stirrer
903 300Electrode stand and holder (9500)
903 311Extended length rod for 903 300 (recommended for use with 037 901) (9500)
060 406Dust cover for bench units