Jenway 7200 Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer, 335 to 800nm, fitted with 10x10mm cuvette holder, supplied with instruction manual and universal power supply with UK EU and US power leads

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Technical Specification


Wavelength Range335 to 800nm
Wavelength Accuracy± 2nm
Wavelength Repeatability± 2nm
Spectral Bandwidth7nm
Absorbance Range- 0.300 to 2.500A
Absorbance Accuracy± 0.01A at 1.0A and 546nm
Absorbance Stability (A)± 0.005A/h at 0.04A and 546nm
Noise± 0.002A at 0.04A and ± 0.02A at 2.0A and 546nm
Stray Light at 340nm, %T< 1%T according to ANSI/ASTM E387- 72
Concentration Range± 2500
Concentration CalibrationBlank with a single standard or factor
Concentration Factor± 1000
Concentration Standard± 1000
Optical Density Factor± 1000
Quantitation Range± 2500
Quantitation CalibrationBlank with up to 6 standards
Curve Fit AlgorithmsLinear and linear through zero
Kinetics Measurement Time15 to 9999 seconds
Kinetics Number of wavelengths3
Kinetics CalibrationBlank with a factor
Kinetics DisplayGraphical and concentration
Kinetics AnalysisConcentration
Spectrum Range335 to 800nm
Spectrum AnalysisAbsorbance or % transmittance and up to 50 spectral analysis points
Beam Height15mm
Light SourceTungsten Halogen lamp
Results MemoryLimited by attached USB memory stick
Removable MediaUSB
OutputsUSB x 2
Supply voltage/frequency100 - 240VAC at 50 to 60Hz
Power Supply12V DC, 3.8A
Size (w x d x h)212 x 422 x 120mm
Warranty2 years on the instrument, 1 year on the lamp
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• Scanning diode array technology
• Colour touchscreen navigation
• Small footprint and lightweight
• Fast scan speed
• French language option
• Multiple USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity
• Extensive range of accessories available
• 2 year warranty

Model 7200 is the first visible scanning spectrophotometer in the Jenway range to leverage diode array technology to produce fast results. Covering a wavelength range of 335 to 800nm, with a spectral bandwidth of 7nm, this spectrophotometer is ideal for a variety of applications in education and routine testing in clinical, veterinary, pharmaceutical and QC laboratories.

Model 7200 offers measurement modes for single wavelength with basic absorbance and % transmittance; concentration calculated using a standard or a factor; optical density; quantitation with the ability to create a calibration curve using up to 6 standards and 3 replicates; full spectrum scanning and kinetics where up to 3 wavelengths can be measured simultaneously.

The colour touchscreen user interface provides fast and easy set up and navigation of the instrument. The 4" display allows full spectrum scans, quantitation curves and kinetics runs to be viewed easily. The touchscreen capability enables users to zoom in and out and select spectral analysis points all by simply tapping the screen.

The large sample chamber will easily accommodate the optional long path length cuvette holder and the heated 10x10mm cuvette holder which is ideal for thermostated measurements at 37°C. The sample chamber lid can also be left open during measurements which is ideal for samples in tall test tubes.

There are two USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity. The easy access USB port on the front of the instrument can be used to easily store results and quantitation curves.


Concentration Measurement Screen
Spectrum Measurement Screen
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    Jenway (part of Cole Parmer)

Models 7200 and 7205 are supplied with a 10x10mm cuvette holder fitted as standard. The clever design of this instrument ensures that it is compatible with the existing range of Jenway passive accessories from the 63, 73 and 67 series range. These include a test tube holder, adjustable path length (10 to 100mm) cuvette holder and a micro-cuvette holder. All of the accessories are easy to interchange using the ergonomic thumb screw.

Temperature control

For applications where the temperature of the sample needs to be controlled there is a heated cell accessory for thermostatted measurements at 37°C. The heated cell holder accepts 10x10mm cuvettes and can be easily fitted and removed without the need for any tools. This accessory has a temperature range of 32 to 42°C with a resolution of 0.5°C. The heated cell accessory is supplied with a UK, EU and US power lead which is required to power the spectrophotometer and the heated cell. The heated cell is controlled by the operating software on the instrument.


There is also an external printer available for instant results. Spectrum and kinetics graphs are printed in the vertical direction to maximise the amount of information displayed. The spectrophotometer can be set up to either manually or automatically send results to the printer. The printer connects to the spectrophotometer via the USB port on the rear of the spectrophotometer. The printer has a rechargeable battery and is supplied with UK, EU and US power leads.

Cell Holders

Part CodeDescription
630 20410 x 10mm path length cuvette holder
637 07110mm square cuvettes and 16, 24mm test tube holder
630 00510 to 100mm path length cuvette holder
630 304Micro-cuvette holder with reduced aperture
725 201Heated cell 10 x 10mm cuvette holder supplied with UK, EU and US power leads

Other Accessories

Part CodeDescription
SMP50/PRINTERExternal printer supplied with UK, EU and US power leads
037 702Paper roll for printer
019 1464GB USB memory stick
700 000Dust cover
012 050Tungsten halogen lamp

Jenway offer an extensive range of cuvettes for measuring liquid samples. The cuvette required will depend on the wavelength range required and the sample volume available. Glass cuvettes are only suitable for the visible region, whereas quartz may be used in both the UV and visible region. A 10mm cuvette typically holds 2 to 3ml of sample.

Use the tables below to select the required cuvette for your application. Please note that all the micro-cuvettes below are suitable for use with spectrophotometers which have a 15mm beam height:

Cuvette Selection Table

Part CodeMaterialVisible wavelengthsUVvisible wavelengthsPath lengthFill volume
060 084Plastic+-10mm2.4 to 4.5ml
060 087Plastic+-10mm1.5 to 3.0ml
060 230Plastic++10mm2.4 to 4.5ml
060 231Plastic++10mm1.5 to 3.0ml
035 143Plastic++10mm70µl to 1.5ml
035 027Glass+-10mm2.0 to 3.5ml
035 086Glass+-20mmUp to 7.0ml
035 029Glass+-40mmUp to 14.0ml
035 087Glass+-50mmUp to 17.5ml
035 079Glass+-100mmUp to 35.0ml
035 123Glass+-10mm500µl
035 126Glass+-10mm1ml
035 028Quartz++10mm2.0 to 3.5ml
035 056Quartz++20mmUp to 7.0ml
035 030Quartz++40mmUp to 14.0ml
035 281Quartz++50mmUp to 17.5ml
035 282Quartz++100mmUp to 35.0ml
035 124Quartz++10mm50µl
035 125Quartz++10mm500µl
035 127Quartz++10mm1ml
035 138Quartz++10mm100µl
035 139Quartz++10mm200µl

+ suitable for use with these wavelengths
- not suitable for use with these wavelengths

Disposable Cuvettes Ordering Information

Part CodeDescription
060 084Pack of 100 plastic cuvettes, visible wavelengths only, 2.4 to 4.5ml fill volume
060 229Pack of 500 plastic cuvettes (5 boxes of 060 084)
060 087Pack of 100 plastic cuvettes, visible wavelengths only, 1.5 to 3.0ml fill volume
060 230Pack of 100 plastic cuvettes, UV and visible wavelengths, 2.5 to 4.5ml fill volume
060 232Pack of 500 plastic cuvettes (5 boxes of 060 230)
060 231Pack of 100 UV plastic cuvettes, 1.5 to 3.0ml fill volume
035 143Pack of 100 plastic cuvettes, UV and visible wavelengths, 70µl to 1.5ml fill volume (use with micro cuvette holder)

Glass and Quartz Cuvettes Ordering Information

Part CodeDescription
035 027Visible (glass) 10mm path length cuvette
035 086Visible (glass) 20mm path length cuvette
035 029Visible (glass) 40mm path length cuvette
035 087Visible (glass) 50mm path length cuvette
035 079Visible (glass) 100mm path length cuvette
035 123Visible (glass) micro (500µ l) cuvette
035 126Visible (glass) semi-micro (1ml) cuvette
035 028UV (quartz) cuvette (2.0 to 3.5ml)
035 124UV (quartz) ultra micro (50µ l) cuvette
035 125UV (quartz) micro (500µ l) cuvette
035 127UV (quartz) semi-micro (1ml) cuvette
035 138UV (quartz) ultra-micro (100µ l) cuvette
035 139UV (quartz) ultra-micro (200µ l) cuvette

Flow Cells Ordering Information

Part CodeDescription
035 045Visible (glass) flow-through cell 80µ l
035 044UV (quartz) flow-through cell 1.8ml
035 047UV (quartz) flow-through cell 80µ l