Jenway 4520 Conductivity Meter, 0.01µS to 0.01S, supplied with glass conductivity probe with ATC (K=1) (027 013), electrode holder and UK power supply

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Technical Specification


Conductivity range6 auto–selected from 0 to 1999mS*6 auto–selected from 0 to 19.99S*
Conductivity resolution0.01µS to 1mS0.01µS to 0.01S
Conductivity accuracy±0.5% ±2 digits±0.5% ±2 digits
Automatic standard recognition10µS, 84µS, 1413µS, 12.88mS10µS, 84µS, 1413µS, 12.88mS
Cell constant0.010 to 19.9990.010 to 19.999
TDS range6 auto-selected from 0 –1999g/l*6 auto selected ranges from 0 –1999g/l*
TDS resolution0.01mg/l to 1g/l0.01mg/l to 1g/l
TDS accuracy±0.5% ±2 digits±0.5% ±2 digits
EC Ratio0.50 to 0.800.50 to 0.80
Resistivity rangeNA0–20Mohm
Resistivity resolutionNA0.01Mohm
Resistivity accuracyNA±0.5% ±2 digits
Salinity rangeNA0–99.9g/l
Salinity resolutionNA0.1g/l
Salinity accuracyNA0–35 ±1g/l, 35–99.9 ±3g/l
Temperature range–10 to 105°C–10 to 105°C
Temperature resolution0.1°C0.1°C
Temperature accuracy±0.5°C±0.5°C
ATC and manual0 to 100°C0 to 100°C
Temperature coefficient0.00% to 4.00%/°C0.00% to 4.00%/°C
Reference temperature18, 20 or 25°C18, 20 or 25°C
GLPNACalibration reminder interval, alarm outputs and security code protected data
OutputsAnalogue and RS232Analogue, RS232 and IrDA interface
Connector7-pin DIN7–pin DIN
Power9V AC ±10% @ 50/60Hz9V AC ±10% @ 50/60Hz
Size (l x w x d)210 x 250 x 55mm210 x 250 x 55mm
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4510 and 4520 Bench Conductivity Meters


• Simultaneous display of conductivity or TDS and temperature
• Automatic selection of range for best resolution
• Calibration by cell constant or standard solutions
• Automatic standard recognition
• Storage of up to 32 results
• Bi-directional RS232 link to printer or PC
• 3 year warranty

The 4510 is easy to use but with the flexibility to meet the broadest range of applications and for those where greater accuracy is required the 4510 has automatic conductivity standard recognition and endpoint detection. Set-up options include cell constant, temperature coefficient and reference temperature. The instrument can store up to 32 readings, which can also be sent to a
printer or transferred to computer via DataWay and the RS232 interface.


• Conductivity, resistivity, TDS and salinity modes
• Special pure water mode for ultra low conductivity measurements
• Storage of 500 results with built in data logger
• Infra-red data link (IrDA) for connection to printer and RS232 link to connect to printer or PC via DataWay software
• 3 year warranty

The 4520 is a high specification laboratory conductivity /resistivity/TDS/salinity and temperature meter that offers additional accuracy with 1, 2 or 3 point conductivity calibration across the wide measurement range of 0 to 19.99S. The dedicated "pure water" mode ensures the optimum accuracy for this difficult application.
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    Jenway (part of Cole Parmer)
Part CodeDescriptionK ValueUnit
027 298Epoxy bodied conductivity cellK= 1470
027 801Epoxy bodied conductivity cellK= 0.1470
027 802Epoxy bodied conductivity cellK= 10470
027 013Glass bodiedK= 1Bench
027 113Epoxy bodiedK= 0.1Bench
027 177Glass bodied,flow-throughK= 1Bench
027 211Glass free/epoxyK= 0.1Bench
027 212Glass free/epoxyK= 1Bench
027 213Glass free/epoxyK= 10Bench
027 900Ultra-pure water conductivity probeK< 0.1Bench
027 502PTFE-coated ATC probe for use with aggressive/corrosive samplesN/A3540
Part CodeDescription
025 15612.88mS conductivity standard (500ml)
025 1381413µS conductivity standard (500ml)
025 16484µS conductivity standard (500ml)
025 13910µS conductivity standard (500ml)
025 1651382ppm TDS calibration standard (500ml)
025 157200mV redox standard (500ml)
025 158300mV standard (500ml)

A number of accessories are available for use with the 4510 and 4520 conductivity meters and the 3540 combined pH and conductivity meter:

Part CodeDescription
037 701Thermal printer with IrDA, complete with roll of paper (037 702), universal power adapter and interface cable for non-IrDA instruments
037 702Roll of paper for thermal printer
050 501DataWay PC Software: includes CD-ROM and interface cable
037 551RS232 to USB converter for use with computers without serial ports
037 8019 way serial cable for connection to PC