Interscience DiluFlow Elite 5 kg Single Pump Gravimetric Dilutor 5 kg connected

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DiluFlow® Elite, DiluFlow® Pro & DiluFlow® are high-tech gravimetric dilutors. They automatically dilute a solid sample with the appropriate mass of diluant. All the dilution and distribution protocols used in labs are available. Discover the new patents and innovations for great lab work!

DiluFlow® Elite 5 kg

Single pumpDouble pump
Reference503 105503 205
BagOpen® height < 30 cm
Patented removable DripTray

BagOpen® with GeckoGrip
Magnetic stand for BagOpen®
(patented shape)
LightCode: color status LED
Compatible with Booster kit
304L stainless steel body
Stainless casting electromechanical core
Robotic arm
Compatible with Jumbo kit
Protection for tubing nozzle
Up to 6 pumps
Patented Multi-Dispensing mode
32 editable programs
Bidirectional connectivity
Resolution up to 200 g0.01 g
Weighing range5000 g
Weighing accuracy0 g to 100 g: ± 0.05 g / 100 g to 5000 g: ± 0,1%
Dilution factor2 to 1000, editable fractions
Dilution accuracy>99%*
Dilution time for a 25 g sample diluted at 1/10< 8 s**
Dilution time for a 375 g sample diluted at 1/10< 75 s**
Distribution time for 90 mL< 6 s**
Distribution time for 225 mL< 9 s**
Max number of pumps2 integrated + 4 external
Dilution / Distribution modeFast / Standard / Accurate
TraceabilityPrinter / Export to ExcelTM / CSV file export on USB stick / LIMS
Exported dataSample weight / Total weight / Dilution factor / Dilution accuracy / Diluent / Sample number / Diluent batch number / Date / Time / Last calibration date / Name of operator / Name of program
Connection2 USB outputs (type A) to connect printer, keyboard, bar-code reader, USB stick /
1 USB output (type B) to connect a computer / Jack output to connect a foot pedal /
Handy gun / Ethernet connection for LIMS
Weight13 kg15.5 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h)31 x 41.5 x 37.5 cm37 x 41.5 x 37.5 cm
LanguageEnglish, French
PatentsGeckoGrip system, Removable Driptray, Muti-Dispensing, Magnetic BagOpen® (patented shape)
In compliance withISO 7218 - ISO 6887-1 - FDA BAM (Bacteriological Analytical Manual)
ManufactureMade in France ISO 9001 2008
Power100-240 V 50/60 Hz
All stainless steel

* with booster kit in standard or accurate mode ** with booster kit in fast mode

DiluFlow® Elite is delivered with 1 or 2 pumps, 1 DripTray 400, 1 protection plate for nozzles, 1 dispensing assembly (GL45 - Ø 6,4 mm) per pump, USB key, power cord, 1 BagOpen® 400 for dilutors, user’s manual, quick user guide, 10 GeckoGrip, free sample bags.

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DiluFlow® Elite automatically dilutes in seconds a solid sample with the appropriate weight of diluent with full traceability. Programmable and connectable with up to 6 diluents, it offers you the best solution for your dilutions!

- Ultra low profile: Only 30 cm ! Perfect for a laminar flow.
- GeckoGrip System (Patented): holds the bag in all conditions
- Up to 6 pumps with 4 connectable pumps
- Light Code: intuitive indicator of the status
- Removable DripTray (Patented)
- Multi-dispensing mode (Patented) with handy gun

- World’s fastest: only 8 s* to dispense 225 mL
- Distribution and weighing functions in 1
- Superior quality Watson MarlowTM pumps

- Robotic arm: drop the sample safely and easily
- Removable DripTray (Patented)
- Magnetic BagOpen® (Patented shape)

- 32 editable programs
- Bidirectionnal connectivity
- Full traceability: printer, ExcelTM, CSV and LIMS

- In compliance with ISO 7218 and ISO 6887-1 standards
- Made in France: ISO 9001 2008 standards

- DiluFlow® Elite single pump, 5 kg (ref. 503 105)
- DiluFlow® Elite double pump, 5 kg (ref. 503 205)

*Dilution time for a 25 g sample diluted at 1/10 with booster kit in fast mode.

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What is a gravimetric dilution ? 
- A gravimetric dilution is a dilution calculated with the weight of a sample (for example : a 25 g sample diluted at 1/10 must weight 250 g at the end of the dilution. The dilutor adds 225 g of diluent). This allow for an ultra-precise and rapid dilution because the sample is weighed permanently during the distribution of liquid. This is an important step in the microbiological analysis because it is essential to dilute a sample before blending then analyze it.

What are DiluFlow®’s main features ? 
- DiluFlow® is very useful for microbiological analysis that require traceability. You can perform gravimetric dilution and liquid distribution. DiluFlow®is also a high precision balance.

What’s new about DiluFlow®’s gravimetric dilutors? 
- DiluFlow® are the world’s fastest dilutors on the market and are equipped with great new features and patents such as the robotic arm, the ultralow profile to work under laminar flow, the GeckoGrip to hold easily the bag in any situation, the LightCode system to check the accuracy thanks to the lights under the unit, the patented driptray, the multidispensing mode and the magnetic BagOpen®.

What are DiluFlow®’s new patents ? 
- DiluFlow® has 4 new patents : the GeckoGrip to hold easily the bag in any situation, the DripTray for easy cleaning, the multidispensing mode for serial dispensing and the magnetic BagOpen.

What are the application areas of DiluFlow® ? 
- DiluFlow® is widely used in food microbiology, pharmaceutical, medical and environmental analysis. It ensures traceability of your sample countings and offer a considerable time-saving, making laboratory work more reliable, more enjoyable and more efficient. It is also used in industrial analysis laboratories. It can also be used in chemical dilution and in fragrance industries.

Why use a gravimetric dilutor ? 
- In manual dilution process, you have to weigh the sample and add manually the diluent. It is time-consuming, inaccurate with direct impact on the final result, not reproducible and not secure as the bag is not maintained. It is therefore not automatically traceable.
- In the automated dilution with DiluFlow®, you place the sample and start the dilution. The appropriate quantity of diluent is added in matter of seconds.
It is quick: 8 seconds for 225 mL (for a 25g sample diluted at 1/10 on a DiluFlow® Elite with Booster kit), reproducible, secured as the bag is maintained open with BagOpen® bag opener and traceable with LIMS, printer or ExcelTM.