Heidolph 505-40081-00 Hei-Connect Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer with Temperature Sensor Pt 1000 (V4A), 20 Litres Maximum Stirring Capacity, 20 - 300 °C Maximum Temperature with RS232 Interface

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Even the smallest daily helper should inspire and accompany you for many years. That is the reason for our magnetic stirrers to be uncompromising when it comes to quality and reliability. The Hei-PLATE magnetic stirrers impress through a sealed and fireproof housing and an unique Kera-Disk® hotplate coating, which stands for chemical resistance and fastest heat-up times.

The powerful and extended heating capacity of 800 W reduces process times noticeable. Intelligent functions such as the dynamic residual heat indicator, a separate way to activate the heat-function and an independent second safety circuit make the Heidolph Magnetic Stirrer the safest in terms of heating and mixing in your lab.

Convince yourself from the quality, performance and reliability of our magnetic stirrers, which we exclusively develop and manufacture in Germany only.

Technical Data

Rotation speed range100 - 1,400 rpm
Speed accuracy±2 %
Max. stirring capacity (H₂O)20 l
Hotplate temperature20 - 300 °C
Heating power800 W
Accuracy temperature setting±1 °C
Temperature accuracy with external temp. sensor±1 °C
Safety circuit hotplate25 °C over hotplate temperature
Plate diameter ø145 mm
Plate materialKera-Disk® (Silumin with ceramic coating)
Sensor breakage protectionwith Pt 1000
Residual heat indicator
Smooth start
Analog / digital interfaceyes (digital)
Protection class DIN EN 60529IP 32
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  • The Hei-Connect comes with an additional RS 232 interface
  • Monitor and control your process with the Hei-Control software or your own program
  • Benefit from reproducible results and the option to program ramps and interval processes
  • Hei-Control software included in the scope of delivery
  • A digital display enables full process monitoring and precise setting of all parameters 
  • This unit features a digital display and allows for easy setting and monitoring of values in the illuminated readout
  • For your protection an independent safety circuit will switch off heating if hotplate temperature exceeds 25 °C over set temperature
  • Digital speed setting from 100 to 1,400 rpm at an accuracy of ± 2 % and temperature setting up to 300 °C
  • A separate on/off switch for heating prevents an unintentional heat-up. If heating is switched on the on/off button is illuminated for visual control. In addition, a residual heat indicator prevents from burning hazards when heat function is switched off
  • An illuminated button indicates clearly if the stirring mode is activated
  • Upgrade this magnetic stirrer with the optional Pt 1000 temperature sensor for precise temperature control, overshoot protection and reproducible results
  • To protect your sample from overheating a safety circuit switches off heating if the temperature sensor is not immersed in your media vessel
  • The timer function allows you to define expiry times for the heating and rotation functions separately. At the end of the process an acoustic signal sounds



Hei-Connect - Product Advantages

  • To prevent accidents or laboratory fires, all magnetic stirrers feature two independent safety circuits which switch off heating in case of any over temperature situation
  • In combination with Heat-On attachments you can convert your lab into a “safety zone"
  • A residual heat indicator for all models prevents you from potential burning hazards
  • For your safety, the unit will power off in case of a short-circuit, a damage to the temperature sensor, a motor failure or other incidences during operation
  • A separate on/off switch for heating prevents unintentional heat-up. If heating is switched on, the on/off button is illuminated for visual control
  • To protect you from splashes and scalding from bath media, rotation speed ramps up slowly until unit has reached the pre-programmed speed
  • Even if the stirrer is exposed to the highest temperatures, damage is categorically ruled out – all models come with a fire-resistant aluminum die-cast housing
  • All units with digital display allow for easy setting and monitoring values on the illuminated readout
  • You can even work with dry ice – a robust thermal insulation prevents corrosion inside the housing by preventing condensate from collecting and dripping on any electronic components
  • A free software program is available for the MR Hei-Connect and MR Hei-End which supports you to automate and to safe your process parameters
  • The unique Kera-Disk® coating is extremely chemical-resistant and scratch-proof, and therefore the plate can be cleaned easily from solvents, oil or other contaminations
  • The strong magnetic field allows for easy stirring of even higher viscosity media
  • In case the heating function fails, stirring will not be discontinued to avoid thermal damage to your sample
  • The hermetically-sealed housing protects all mechanical and electronic components from aggressive environments
  • The maintenance-free non-sparking motors reduce down times
  • The design and features give an increased lifespan of 10 years along with significantly reduced maintenance and repair costs

Performance and Accuracy


Take advantage of a built-in PID controller that ensures fastest heat-up times while preventing an overtemperature situation of your sample.

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    Heidolph Instruments GmbH
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  • Stirrers
    • Number Of Stirring Points
    • Speed Range (rpm)
      100 - 1,400 rpm
    • Stirring Volume (L)
    • Plate Dimensions (mm)
      145 mm
    • Temperature Range (°C)
      20 - 300 °C

Minimize the messy oil clear-ups that result from changing oil or removing flasks from an oil bath!

  • Our attachments are by far the safest, fastest and most efficient method for heating and mixing solutions in round-bottom flasks from 10 ml to 5 liter.
  • Heat-On fits precisely to every flask, thus ensuring maximum surface contact and fast heat transfer. Eliminates the mess from cleaning flasks after removal from an oil bath or hazardous spills when an oil bath slips off a stirring plate. As a result, oil as a heat transfer media is made redundant and your lab is a safer place with the Heat-On block system. 

Heat-On Attachments

Heat-On 100-ml block with flask sidearm cutouts

Heat-On 250-ml block

Heat-On 250-ml block with flask sidearm cutouts

Heat-On 500-ml block

Heat-On 1-l block

Heat-On 2-l block

Heat-On 3-l block

Heat-On 4-l block

Heat-On 5-l block

Heat-On Multi-Well holder

Heat-On safety lifting handles

Heat-On Multi-Well 10-ml insert

Heat-On Multi-Well 25-ml insert

Heat-On Multi-Well 50-ml insert

Heat-On Multi-Well 100-ml insert

Heat-On Multi-Well 150-ml insert

Package Heat-On Multi-Well Basic

Package Heat-On Multi-Well