Harry Gestigkeit PZ 28-3TD High Temperature Titanium Hotplate with lid, upto 600°C , without Regulator, AntiMagnetic and Rustproof, 2000W, with Cover

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for operation up to 600°C
Techn. Data / Order No. = Type   Hotplate
with lid
PZ 28-3TD
without lid
PZ 28-3T
Titan Hotplate dimensionsmm x mm280 x 200
Constant heating surfacemm x mm230 x 160
Maximum temperature°C600
VoltageVolt / Hz220..240 / 50-60
Temperature distributionK± 2
Cable length (standard)m1,5
Outer dimensionsmm x mm350 x 300
Height withou lidmm110
Height with lidmm145
Working space with closed lidmm26 *
Weight without lidkg8
Lid weightkg2
* a higher lid is available upon request
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HIGH TEMPERATURE HOT PLATE of Titanium up to 600°C PZ 28-3T

This high temperature hot plate reaches its max. temp. of 600°C within about 20 min. The upper plate consists of TITANIUM, overall dim. 280 x 200 mm. The marked area of constant temperature is 230 x 160 mm. Owing to a special insulation the device can be placed even on surfaces sensitive to heat. Metal sheets all around keep the casing temperature to a minimum. The insulated snap-lid ensures little loss of heat and short times of warming. Between the closed lid (inner surface Ceran'~ and the heating plate remain '26 mm, enabling an intensive heating of plain parts at high precise temperatures. The whole casing is made of stainless steel. The temperature regulator is connected by two plugged cables. PZ 28-3T is available either with a temperature controller or with a programmer. The temperature controller keeps the device constant to an adjusted temperature within the whole range. The programmer allows the control of certain programs including phases of heating up, constant temperature and cooling.


This microprocessor controlled temperature regulator is suitable for the high temperature hot plate. After adjustment of the temperature set point by the membrane keypad, the PID controller keeps it constant (control deviation 2 K or less).


The microprocessor controlled ramp regulator offers a comprehensive time/temperature regulation for the high temp. hot plate. Pressing the START key activates a program of up to 5 ramps. Max. 5 ramps (consisting of ramp time, constant temp. and time of constant temp.) can be programmed. 3 program sets can be loaded into the non-volatile memory. A programmed lead time enables the activation of the start up to 99 hours in advance. Every temperature and time parameter can be selected with its awn key. Consequently the setting is easy and clear. It is possible to pass over single ramps by setting the according parameter to '0'. Every set value can be controlled during a program. Back-up by an EEProm. The device is equipped with a change-over switch to continuous control; buzzer signal at the program.

Equipment of PR5-3T and TR 28-3T

2-poled main switch; individual adjustment of proportional range, derivative/integrating factor and cycle time; control range limitation (to avoid the setting of values not useful or harmful to an application); contact maker input, actual value correction, junction bush for high temperature hot plate, wattage power control 1...100%, uninterrupted switching. Both regulators show the actual value constantly. Furthermore the programmer shows the remaining time of a ramp. When the SET key is pressed, the display changes to show the set-point. On request the devices are available with a temperature limiter to avoid super-heating


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      PZ 28-3TD
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    280 x 200
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    Harry Gestigkeit GmbH