Harry Gestigkeit PZ 26-7 Digital Precision Heating Bath, 5 Litres Capacity, 20 to 700 °C Temperature Range, 1200W, 230V

can be used as fluid-, oil-, air- or sandbath for continuous operation

TypePZ 26-4PZ 26-7
Preselected temperatures°C20..40020..700
Display digital
External dimensionsmm310 x 310
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PZ 26-4 is suitable for use as either a Fluid, Air or Sand bath using temperatures of up to 400°C. As bath fillings is is possible to use Oils, Water, Sand or any other filling which will not attack the surface of the bath, which is made out of high-grade, stainless steel  W-No.1.4301.

PZ 26-7 designed for temperatures up to 700°C, offers similar application methods, but solely as a Dry, Air or Sand bath.   Both baths are also well-suited for use as rotary evaporators, heating is provided by a tubular radiator.

The appliances are controlled by means of a microprocessor  PID-Controller in connection with a low-mass sensor. The actual-value temperature is always on view.  The preset temperature can be seen by pushing a button and can also be adjusted with the up/down key.

The housings are composed of stainless steel with spray-painted base.  All appliances are constructed for continuous operation.

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      PZ 26-7
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  • Temperature Range (°C)
    20 to 700
  • Volume Capacity (L)
  • External Dimensions (mm)
    310 x 310
  • Manufacturer
    Harry Gestigkeit GmbH

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