Harry Gestigkeit PR 5-3T PID Programme Regulator, 5 Stages, 3 Programmes for PZ 28-3T and PZ 28-3TD, 2200W


The micro-processor controlled ramp controller is a complex Time/Temperature control for the high-temperature hotplate. By pressing the START button, a programme of up to 5 ramps can be put into operation.


Technical Data / Order No. = Type   Programme controller PR 5-3T
External dimensions (widthxheightxdepth) mm 305 x 105 x 180
Voltage Volt / Hz 220..240 / 50-60
Switch performance Watt 2200
Regulation mode     PID
Time range (per ramp) h / min 3 x 9 / 59
Cable length (standard) m 1,8
Display height mm 14 rot
Weight kg 2,7
  • £2169.37

It is possible to programme up to 5 ramps (a ramp is made up of the ramp time, constant temperature and constant time) per temperature profile. 3 profile programmes can be stored. A programmable pre-selected constant time makes it possible to activate the start at any time within 99 hours. Each temperature and time parameter can be selected with their own keys, this allows easy and uncomplicated programming. By setting the respective parameters at 0 it is possible to skip individual ramps. During the programming it is possible to view each value for control purposes.

The programme is indefinitely stored by means of an EEPROM. The appliances also possess a switch for continuous control. A buzzer signal sounds at the end of the programme.

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    Harry Gestigkeit GmbH

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