Harry Gestigkeit High Temperature Titanium Hotplate, Acid Resistant + Temperature Regulator

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High-temperature titanium hotplate

Temperature controller TR28-3T for high temperature heating plate

For continuous operation at temperatures up to 600°C

High-performance hotplate for temperatures of up to 600°C, short heat-up time (600°C in 20 minutes). Due to the elaborate insulation, the unit can also be placed on heat-sensitive standing surfaces. The insulated hinged lid considerably reduces heat loss. When the lid is closed, a gap of 26 mm (higher lid of request) remains to the heating plate surface, which allows intensive heating of flat parts at exact temperatures.

The temperature control is carried out either with a temperature or program controller. The plate is kept constant at a set temperature throughout the entire control range with the temperature controller.

With the program controller, so-called temperature profiles can be run, i.e., specific heating-up, cooling off and holding phases (max. 5 ramps) can be controlled, each phase lasting up to 9h 59min.

High accuracy in the entire temperature range up to 600°C

The TR28-3T digital temperature controller is a temperature controller for the PZ28-3T/PZ28-3TD high-temperature heating plate.

After setting the temperature value, the microprocessor of the measuring/control device calculates the required heating output and releases the corresponding heating current. Adaptation to the setpoint occurs over the entire temperature range with an accuracy of 1°C and better, without the need for manual power adjustment.



Technical data Ord. No. = type





with cover

PZ 28-3TD


without cover

PZ 28-3T

Temperature Controller


TR 28-3T



PR 5-3T

Titanium plate size

280 mm x 200 mm


Constant heating area

230 mm x 160 mm


Max. temperature




230 Volt / 50..60 Hz

230 Volt / 50..60 Hz


2000 Watt

2200 Watt

Spread of temperature

+-2 K


Cable length (standard)

1,5 m

1,8 m

Overall dimensions

350 mm x 300 mm


305 mmx105mm


145 mm

110 mm

65 mm

105 mm

Effective height with closed cover

26 mm*







14 mm red

Control behaviour





Time ranges




9 h / 59 min


10 kg

8 kg

1,4 kg

2,7 kg

*Covers for more effective height on inquiry


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