Hanna HI-839800 25 Vial Thermo-Reactor

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The Hanna HI-839800 thermo-reactor is an easy to use test tube heater with the capacity to perform up to 25 simultaneous digestions. Complete with a countdown timer, it can be used for timed or infinity testing procedures.

Mains powered - All mains operated equipment is compatible with UK AC voltage and frequency – 230V, 50Hz.

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Robust and durable, the main body is machined from a single block of metal. Temperature within the block is controlled using a sophisticated electronic thermostat and can be verified by placing a thermometer in the temperature well provided.

The reactor is equipped with 6 pre-defined and 2 user-defined °C profiles.

  • Dedicated temperature profiles for COD and total phosphorus reactions are pre-set to 150°C
  • The total nitrogen analysis temperature is pre-set to 105°C
  • In adjustable temperature mode (50 to 150°C), the heater can be used for other samples that require different digestion temperatures

Key features

  • Heater block temperature is continuously evaluated and displayed on the LCD
  • Low temperature alert indicates that temperature is below set value
  • High temperature alert warns when temperature rises above the set value
  • Reactor has a thermal fuse that prevents overheating by disabling the heater
  • Countdown timer shows time remaining until heating element shuts off
  • A three hour countdown timer is ideal for timed digestion
  • The sound of a 'beep' indicates when the timer has expired and the heating element turns off
  • To operate in infinity mode, the timer can be used without the shut-off feature
  • Visual power indication
  • Green LED indicates power on
  • Blinking red LED warns if heater exceeds 50°C
  • Yellow LED indicates heating is active
  • For optimum safety, the block heater should always be used with a safety shield or other physical barrier placed between samples under test and operator


  • Stainless steel test tube rack to hold 25 COD tubes - HI 740216
  • Bench top safety shield for use with HI-9800 series COD reactor/digester - HI-740217
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