Hamilton 75839 Low Bleed High Temperature GC Septa, 11.5 mm (0.453 inch), 50/pack

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Low Bleed High Temperature Septa are designed for the lowest bleed possible at temperatures up to 400 °C. They can be used in combination with Mass Spectrometers or in applications where septa bleed interferes with trace analysis. The 5, 9, 11 and 11.5 mm diameter septa are available with center depression which guides the syringe needle the same injection point, extending septa life and reducing needle bending. These septa are typically used for manual injection applications.

All of the Low Bleed High Temperature Septa can be used at temperatures up to    400 °C. These septa are formulated to extend low-bleed and outstanding mechanical properties of premium GC septa to the highest-temperature applications. It retains remarkable softness and piercability at high temperatures, with extremely low bleed. Septa are 3mm thick, except Shimadzu-style plug septa, and are packaged in glass vials.



Diameter 11.5 mm (0.453 inch)
Maximum Temperature 400°C / 752°F
Thickness 3.00 mm (0.118 inch)
Sales Quantity 50/pack
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  • Extended temperature range, low-bleed
  • Maximum temperature 400 °C
  • Virtually eliminates injection-port sticking
  • Each batch GC-FID tested
  • Ideal for use with low-bleed, "Mass Spec" capillary columns
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