Grant Instruments SAPD Sub Aqua Pro Advanced Digital Water Bath, 5 Litres and 12 Litres Capacity , Ambient +5 to 99°C Temperature Range


• = standard
Temperature range
Ambient +5 to 99ºC
Temperature display and setting resolution
Stability (DIN 12876) @70ºC
0.2 ±ºC
Temperature setting
Front panel lock

Fixed thermal cut-out

Dry start/boil dry protection

User calibration
Element free tank

Drain tap (12L and above)

Lid as standard

User adjustable over temperature alarm

Programmable temperature presets
Countdown timer with audible alarm
1 to 999 minutes
Supply voltage
120 or 230V
  • £1046.00

Built to the highest standard and specifications, and incorporating the latest technology the SUB Aqua Pro advanced water bath range supports even the most demanding applications requiring accurate temperature control. 

  • A base tray and lid included as standard.
  • Temperature range ambient +5ºC to 99ºC operation
  • Stability: ±0.2ºC
  • Unique Set and Forget®  technology – fast heat-up, accurate temperature control
  • Simple, intuitive controls – quick and easy to set temperature
  • Suitable for use with heat transfer beads (excluding SAP2 & SAP2S)
  • Adjustable over temperature alarm – protect samples from over heating
  • Practical front panel lock – disables front panel controls preventing unintentional changes


  • Sample preparation, sample incubation, sample warming, sample thawing, media preparation, QC materials and practical science demonstration
  • Markets: Pharma/biotech, education, industry, healthcare

    • SKU
  • Temperature stability (ºC)
  • Dimensions (mm)
    545 x 225 x 380
  • Tank size (L)
    5 and 12
  • Temperature Range (°C)
    Ambient +5°C to 99°C
  • Manufacturer
    Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd
Sub Aqua Pro Stainless Steel Sloping LidsSub Aqua Pro LidsLidsDirects condensation away from immersed vessels, avoids contamination, reduces evaporation and saves energy*

Part No Description For
AQL2 Transparent polycarbonate lid SAP2/SAP2S
AQL5 Transparent polycarbonate lid SAP2S/SAP5
AQL12 Transparent polycarbonate lid SAP12
AQL26 Transparent polycarbonate lid SAP18
LU6 Stainless steel sloping lid SAP2S/SAP5
LU14 Stainless steel sloping lid SAP12
LU28 Stainless steel sloping lid SAP18/SAP26
LU36 Stainless steel sloping lid SAP34
LF6** Flat lid with 2 ring sets SAP5/SAPD
LF14** Flat lid with 4 ring sets SAP12/SAPD
LF28** Flat lid with 6 ring sets SAP18/SAP26
LF36** Flat lid with 8 ring sets SAP34
Accessory Notes: 

* lid or spheres recommended for use above 60ºC
** with ring sets of variable hole diameter to accomodate tall vessels whilst reducing evaporation

PS20 Polypropylene SpheresPolypropylene SpheresIdeal alternative to a lid*

Part No Description Packs per bath
PS-20 Pack of 300 polypropylene spheres 1 x 2/5/12L, 2 x 18/26/DL, 3 x 34L
Accessory Notes: 

* Between operating temperatures 60ºC and 100ºC and below room temperature a lid or layer of polypropylene spheres should be used.

UWB-DS Drain Stopper Drain StopperRecommended when using heat transfer beads, to prevent beads entering drain hole

Part No Description
UWB-DS Pack of 5
RS Raised Shelves Raised ShelvesTo allow accommodation of shallow vessels

Part No Description For
RS14H Shelf covers half area of SAP12/SAPD SAP12/SAPD
RS18H Shelf covers half area of SAP18 SAP18
RS28H Shelf covers half area of SAP26 SAP26
RS36H Shelf covers half area of SAP34 SAP34
J2 RacksRacksChoice of 8 variants to accommodate different tube diameters and microtubes

Part No Tube size Capacity
J2-10 10mm 84
J2-13 13mm 55
J2-16 16mm 36
J2-19 19mm 32
J2-25 25mm 18
J2-30 30mm 12
J2-SE 0.5ml 105
J2-LE 1.5ml 65
Accessory Notes: 

No of racks accommodated in Sub Aqua Pro water baths:

5 litres: 1 x J2
12 litres: 2 x J2
18 litres: 4 x J2
26 litres: 4 x J2
34 litres: 6 x VR
5L&12 litres: 1 + 2 J2

AQBT Plastic Base TrayBase TrayRequired if flat-bottomed flasks are to be placed directly on the base of the bath and to promote thermal convection in the bath

Part No For

Recommended Accessories