Grant Instruments QBD4 Digital Dry Block Heater, Ambient +5 to 130°C holds 4 Interchangeable Block, 120 or 230V

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• = standard
Dimensions (h x d x w)
120 x 390 x 200mm
Temperature range @37°C
Ambient +5 to 130°C
Stability @37°C
Uniformity within the block @37°C
Uniformity across similar blocks @37°C
Temperature display

Display resolution
Heat up time 25ºC to 100ºC
20 minutes
Three programmable temperature/ time segments plus end-of-program segments
Reaction timer, with audible buzzer
1 to 999 minutes
Function timer for delay of heater start-up/switch-off
Up to 72 hours
Off-set adjustment

Two-point calibration of internal and external probes

High/low temperature alarms, settable to within 0.5ºC of set temperature

Fault indication display

Extraction tool for easy and safe block removal

Thermal fuse
Heater power - 230V
Heater power - 120V
Supply voltage
120 or 230V
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A versatile general purpose system with two removable/interchangeable blocks and a comprehensive specification to suit most dry block heating applications in the laboratory.

  • Temperature range ambient +5ºC to 130ºC, with rapid heat-up time
  • Stability: ±0.1ºC
  • Uniformity: ±0.1ºC
  • Digital temperature control for optimal precision
  • Range of convenient features including alarms, single and dual point calibration, programmed start/stop, ‘offset’ for known sample temperature variation and choice of external or internal probes
  • External probe available for accurate in-sample or in-block temperature control
  • Includes block removal tool for easy and safe removal of blocks.


A source of precision temperature control for general, routing applications and sensitive analytical procedures including enzyme digestions, enzyme activity studies and nucleid acid hybridisations.

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  • High power heater for fast heat-up – 25ºC to 100ºC in only 15 minutes.
  • Simple-to-use rotor plus two keys provide access to the interactive interface for fast, accurate set-up and use
  • Clear digital display – easy to read from a distance for instant reassurance
  • Convenient timer facility, with audible buzzer, for reaction timing and function timing, e.g. delayed heater switch-on/turn-off
  • Wide range of interchangeable blocks enables you to mix and match sample tubes as desired – extraction tool supplied as standard for easy and safe removal of blocks.
  • Optional safety cover – protects samples from contamination and users from accidental contact with hot blocks
  • Overtemperature cut-out protects your samples and your workplace
  • High quality, robust construction in streamlined coolwall aluminium and chemical-resistant plastic – durable in demanding environments
  • Compact footprint to optimise use of benchspace
  • Options include blocks for 0.2 ml tubes, strips and 96-well microtitre plates used in molecular biology and biotechnology applications (QBD2 & QBH2 only)
  • Three programmable temperature/time segments plus end-of program segments (QBH2 only)

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  • Manufacturer
    Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Dry Block Heaters
    • Number of blocks
    • Heat output
      150 W
    • Heating temperature range
      ambient + 5 to 130
Interchangeable blocksExtraction tool supplied as standard

Part NoDescription
QB-0Plain block without holes
QB-10For 24 x ø 10mm test tubes, 50mm hole depth
QB-12For 24 x ø12mm test tubes, 50mm hole depth
QB-13For 12 x ø13mm test tubes, 50mm hole depth
QB-16For 12 x ø16mm test tubes, 50mm hole depth
QB-17HFor 10 x Falcon tubes tall 17mm ø test tubes, 75mm hole depth
QB-18For 12 x ø18mm test tubes, 50mm hole depth
QB-24For 5 x ø24mm test tubes and universal bottles, 50mm hole depth
QB-50For 4 x 50ml centrifuge test tubes, glass universals, 50mm hole depth ø29mm
QB-HFor 56 x 0.2ml microtube, 14mm hole depth, ø6.5mm
QB-E0For 24 x 0.5ml microtube, 30mm hole depth, ø8mm
QB-E1For 24 x 1.5ml microtube, 35mm hole depth, ø10.8mm
QB-E2For 24 x 2.0ml microtube, 35mm hole depth, ø11mm
QB-E5For 12 x 5.0ml microtube, 53.5mm hole depth, ø16.7mm
QB-DNFor 12 x 5.0ml microtube, 53.5mm hole depth, ø16.7mm
Accessory Notes: 

Custom blocks available - please email for further information

QBEP probeExternal Temperature Probes

Part NoDescription
QBEPStandard probe for in-sample or in-block temperature control; encased in stainless steel sheath, ø3mm x 30mm long, with 350mm of cable.
QBEP-WMShort-form probe for in-sample or in-block temperature control; encased in stainless steel sheath, ø3mm x 14mm long, with 350mm of cable.
QBL safety coverMicroplate BlocksFor molecular biology and biotechnology applications

Part NoDescription
QDP-H96 holes in microplate configuration for 0.2ml microplates, strips or individual tubes. Uniformity ± 0.3ºC within tubes across the block; 6.2mm ø holes, 14mm hole depth.
QDP-FLUniversal block for standard 96-well plates (u-well, v-well, flat bottom, high temperature). Uniformity ± 0.50ºC between wells; supplied with hinged, double layer lid to create an insulated incubation chamber.
Accessory Notes: 

Double-size blocks 140 x 100 x 75mm supplied with additional extraction tool

QBL safety coverSafety coverMade from tough clear acrylic for maximum visibility whilst preventing accidental touching of a hot block or contamination of samples from splashes.

Part NoDescription
QBL2For QBD2 and QBH2
Accessory Notes: 

Clearance height 85cm. Not required with QDP-FL Microtiter blocks.

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