Electrothermal EM0500/CE 500ml EM Series Electromantles, 450°C, 230v 50/ 60Hz, 60w UK and EU plug

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Technical Specification


EM ModelEM0050, EM0100, EM0250EM0500, EM1000EM2000, EM3000, EM5000
Flask capacity50 - 250ml500- 1000ml2000- 5000ml
MaterialPolypropylene outer casePolypropylene outer casePolypropylene outer case
Max element temperature450°C450°C450°C
Dimensions (d x w x h), mm260 x 175 x 127310 x 238 x 145400 x 350 x 190
Shipping weight, kg0.781.252.58
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EM Series Electromantles

The EM series Electromantles are manufactured to the highest quality in our UK manufacturing facility. Each mantle is made with extreme care and is hand sewn to assure its reliability, quality and safety. Maximum heat transfer to the sample is achieved by having excellent insulation around the cartridge and good flask coverage. All Electrothermal mantles go through the 'burn off' procedure at the end of the manufacturing process enabling use straight out of the box.

Designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind, the EM series heating mantle is a reliable workhorse for your heating applications in the laboratory. All EM Electromantles have a built-in energy regulator with indicator lamps for power and heater operation. All mantles have support rod clamps as an integral feature and incorporate a grounded earth screen and double fuses for added safety. Larger capacity products have multiple heating elements, enabling a more even and directed transfer of heat.

Key Features
• Chemically resistant polypropylene outer casing
• Use with round bottom flasks from 50ml to 5 litres
• Unique ventilation system which allows outer casing to remain safe to touch
• Maximum element temperature 450°C
• Built-in energy regulator
• Model EM5000/CE has 2 circuits for upper and lower level heating
• Replaceble insulated heater cartridge
• Indicator lamps for power and heater operation
• A chemically resistant polypropylene outer casing
• A grounded earth screen and double fuses for extra safety
• Supplied with bracket for 1.3cm diameter support rods (but not including support rod rods)
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    Electrothermal (part of Cole-Parmer)
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    United Kingdom