Edwards Vacuum H11401001 Santovac 5 Polyphenyl Ether Diffusion Pump Oil Fluid 100 ml

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Technical Data

Typical ultimate vacuum achievable at 20°C (mbar)
1.3 x 10-9
Vapour pressure mbar: 
  20°C2.6 x 10-10
  100°C6.5 x 10-6
  150°C4 x 10-4
Boiling temperature at 1.3 mbar (°C) (approx)295
Molecular weight (average)446
Viscosity cSt: 
  at 20°C2400
  at 100°C12
  at 150°C4.5
Pour point °C (approx)+5
Flash point °C288
Fire point (°C) (approx)350
Auto ignition point °C (approx)590
Specific heat (cal/g/°C)-
Latent heat (cal/g/°C)49.2
Specific gravity at 25°C1.195
Coefficient of expansion per deg C0.0008
 (25 - 50 °C)
Refractive index at room temperature1.6306
 (25 °C)


Santovac 5 Polyphenyl Ether is a vacuum diffusion pump fluid which operates efficiently, economically and safely to produce ultra-high vacuums of 4 x 10-10torr, and higher, at 25°C. Diffusion pumps are the most economical and reliable means of reaching these low pressures and Santovac 5 has proven to be the best pump fluid available for this type of equipment. Due to this fluid's extremely low vapor pressure, backstreaming characteristics are lower than any other fluid resulting in less contamination and longer operation. Santovac 5 is ideal for use in many applications including laboratory, analytical and research operation, vacuum production, thin films, space simulation chambers, and optical coatings. Santovac 5 is a very pure fluid and as a result vacuum chambers and components remain cleaner, therefore, this results in less system maintenance and downtime

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This synthetic fluid is a polyphenyl ether developed from fluids originally produced as lubricants for space vehicles. It has exceptionally low vapour pressure, exceptional thermal stability and a tendency to wet surfaces less readily and 'creep' to a lesser extent than is common with most fluids. The fluid is employed for the cleanest high vacuum and ultra high vacuum applications down to less than 10-9 mbar (for example, electron microscopes, mass spectrometers and surface physics studies) where its excellent high vacuum performance and low tendency to migrate into the pump system particularly recommend it. The fluid is chemically stable, non-corrosive, safe and non-toxic at normal operating temperatures. Fluid breakdown products (due to bombardment and so forth) tend to be electrically conducting.


  • Mass spectrometers
  • Electron microscopes
  • Thin film sputtering
  • Surface studies
  • UHV systems
  • Leak detection
  • Power valves
  • Space studies
  • Radioactiv
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