Edwards Vacuum H11301019 FOMBLIN® Y VAC 06/6 1 kg

Edwards now offers an extended range of Fomblin® perfluoropolyether oils for use in rotary vacuum pumps. Fomblin® YVAC 06/6 is recommended for Edwards oil sealed rotary pumps and are practically a direct replacement for mineral oil in terms of viscosity and vapour pressure.

Edwards, in conjunction with its supply partner, has developed Drynert fluid which contains anti-rust and anti-wear additives soluble in Fomblin®. These additives cover metallic surfaces with a protective, corrosion-resistant film. 


  • Semiconductors
  • Chemical pumping
  • Oxygen pumping
  • Radioactive
  • Metallisation
  • £325.00

Technical Data

Vapour pressure mbar:
  20°C4 x 10-6
  100°C5 x 10-3
Molecular weight1900
Specific gravity at 15°C1.88
Viscosity cSt:
  at 20°C64
  at 40°C25
Pour point °C-50
Flash point °Cnone*
Auto ignition point °Cnone*
Sulphur content % mass/mass0

* WARNING - Perfluoropolyether is a fluorinated compound which will give off toxic vapours if exposed to temperatures above 280°C. The fluid should not be exposed to naked flames and smoking should be prohibited in the working area. 

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