Edwards Vacuum A74602991 XDD1 Diaphragm Pump 24 Vdc

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The Edwards range of diaphragm pumps offer clean pumping in a lightweight and compact design making them ideal for clean laboratory applications. Pumps can operate independently or as part of a modular system and require minimal maintenance. These are available with pumping speeds up to 2 m3/hr.

Technical Data

Pumping Speed
1.2 m3h-1
1.4 m3h-1
600 rpm
0.6 m3h-1
1700 rpm (Factory setting)
1.4 m3h-1
2200 rpm
1.7 m3h-1
Ultimate vacuum (typical)
Ambient temperature limit
10 to 40 °C
Inlet connection
Exhaust connection
The pump is fitted with a silencer which can be removed and an exhaust line connected with a 1/8 inch BSP fitting
Max allowed inlet pressure
1 bar (abs)
Power connector
IEC EN60320 C13
Motor power
80 W
64 W
6.5 kg
4.1 kg



Features and Benefits

Dry pumping, lubricant free technology eliminating the need for costly oil changes and disposal.
Lightweight and compact with a small footprint allowing flexibility of use.
Ideal backing pump for small turbomolecular pumps.
Complies with EN61010, EN1012, CSA/UL standards.
Worldwide 115/230 V or 24 V options.
IEC 60320 C14 connector on a.c. pumps.


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XDD1 diaphragm pumps are used for backing small compound turbomolecular pumps in clean, high vacuum applications, and also designed to be free standing bench top units. A typical ultimate pressure of better than 5 x 10-8 mbar can be achieved when using an XDD1 to back a 70 ls-1 turbomolecular pump.

The 24 V version is designed to provide a complete pumping package using the Edwards Turbo and Instrument Controller (TIC). The d.c. voltage motor runs on 24 V via a 15 pin DIN connector. By selecting the appropriate mode the pump speed can be controlled by the user to provide variable pumping speed. This version is suited to the customer who is building their own a system. The pump is a compact and efficient. Under normal conditions the XDD1 is virtually maintenance free, the lifetime of the diaphragms and valves is typically > 10,000 operating hours, depending on the application.



  • Residual gas analysis
    • Mass spectrometers
    • Cryostat and Dewar evacuation
    • Ion pump evacuation
    • Surface science
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    Edwards Vacuum
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