Edwards Vacuum A65219986 ATEX RV3 Two Stage Rotary Vane Pump, 115V, 1-ph, 60Hz Ex II 2G IIC T4

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Features and Benefits

  • ATEX rated spot voltage motor.
  • Dual mode. Suitable for high throughput and high vacuum applications.
  • Fast acting inlet valve for system protection.
  • Efficient high pressure lubrication.
  • Oil-tight with printed gaskets, effective shaft seals.
  • Clamped-in sight glass.
  • Oil box well contains filling spills.
  • Hi-tech polymer blades, large diameter, easy-clean oil passages.
  • Consistent, built-in quality, cast bar construction
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ATEX RV pumps have an external ATEX classification of Ex II 2G IIC T4 or Ex II 2G IIB T4 and are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. They share the same internal ATEX classification as our standard RV pumps, namely Ex II 3G c IIB T4. ATEX pumps with flameproof motors require the user to provide 2 off hazardous area cable glands and cables. In addition, connection of the thermistors to an appropriate safety circuit must be made to switch off the pump if overheating occurs. The pumps are supplied with the Gas Ballast port plugged. When pumping flammable gasses or vapours you must fit an inert gas purge to this port to dilute such gases or vapours below the lower explosive limit.
Supplied with 1 litre of Ultragrade 19 oil, inlet filter and O-ring.


All our RV pumps are significantly quieter – noise levels of 48 dBA 50Hz are typically half the noise of a conventional pump and have been achieved by extensive work on the drive train and motor.

The pumps have the unique ability to deliver excellent ultimate vacuum in both high vacuum and high throughput modes with or without gas ballast. This gives the user an unrivalled opportunity to select the optimum pumping performance without compromising the application.

The simple to use mode selector and accessible, three-position gas ballast control allow the pump to be reconfigured at any time, even when the pump is running.


  • Hazardous area pumping
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  • Manufacturer
    Edwards Vacuum
  • Country of Origin
    Czech Republic

Technical Data

RV3 50Hz
3.7 m3h-1 / 2.2 ft3min-1
RV3 60Hz
4.5 m3h-1 / 2.6 ft3min-1
RV5 50Hz
5.8 m3h-1 / 3.4 ft3min-1
RV5 60Hz
7 m3h-1 / 4.1 ft3min-1
RV8 50Hz
9.7 m3h-1 / 5.7 ft3min-1
RV8 60Hz
11.7 m3h-1 / 6.9 ft3min-1
RV12 50Hz
14.2 m3h-1 / 8.4 ft3min-1
RV12 60Hz
17 m3h-1 / 10 ft3min-1
Speed (Pneurop 6602)
RV3 50Hz
3.3 m3h-1 / 2 ft3min-1
RV3 60Hz
3.9 m3h-1 / 2.3 ft3min-1
RV5 50Hz
5.1 m3h-1 / 3 ft3min-1
RV5 60Hz
6.2 m3h-1 / 3.6 ft3min-1
RV8 50Hz
8.5 m3h-1 / 5 ft3min-1
RV8 60Hz
10 m3h-1 / 5.9 ft3min-1
RV12 50Hz
12 m3h-1 / 7.1 ft3min-1
RV12 60Hz
14.2 m3h-1 / 8.4 ft3min-1
Max allowed outlet pressure
1 bar gauge / 14 psig
Max allowed inlet and gas purge pressure
0.5 bar gauge / 7 psig
Nominal rotation speed 50/60Hz
1430 / 1710 rpm
Motor power 50/60Hz
550W  (750W for 115V 1ph 60Hz)
Weight (without oil)
28 kg / 61.6 lb
28 kg / 61.6 lb
31 kg / 68.2 lb
32 kg / 70.4 lb
Inlet flange
Exhaust flange
Operating temperature range
12 – 40 °C