Julabo 9600060 FC600 Compact Recirculating Cooler, -20 ... +80°C Working Temperature Range, 6-8 Litres Capacity

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Technical Data

Order No.9600060
Model seriesFC Series
CategoryRecirculating Coolers
Working temperature range (°C)-20 ... +80
Temperature stability (°C)±0.2
Setting / display resolution0.1 °C
Temperature Display2x LED
Heating capacity (kW)1.2
Cooling capacity (Medium Ethanol)
Pump capacity flow rate (l/min)20
Pump capacity flow pressure (bar)0.5
Pump connectionsM16x1
Barbed fittings diameter (inner dia. / mm)8 / 12
Filling volume (liters)6 ... 8
Refrigerant stage 1R134a
Filling volume refrigerant stage 1 (g)340
Global Warming Potential for R134a1430
Carbon dioxide equivalent stage 1 (t)0.486
Digital interfacesRS232
Optional Profibus
Ambient temperature5...40 °C
Dimensions W x L x H (cm)35 x 54 x 49
Weight (kg)43
Sound pressure level (distance 1 m) max. (dBA)51
Included with each unit2 Barbed fittings for tubing 8 and 12 mm ID. (Pump connections M16x1 male)
Cooling of compressorAir
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Recirculating Cooler for environmentally friendly cooling.
Today, tap water is still often used for continuous cooling tasks. Is this acceptable with respect to environmental responsibility? Recirculating coolers of the JULABO TopLine stand for environmental consciousness that became a subject of growing importance in the recent years. The instruments offer an economical solution for cooling applications avoiding expenses for tap water and waste water disposal. The JULABO recirculating coolers of the Economy Line and TopLine have a compact design and fit under a lab counter. The bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED) is visible from across a lab and gives instant information on actual and setpoint temperatures. Self-test after switch-on, reciprocal sensor monitoring, pump motor and compressor overload protection as well as complete shut-down in case of an alarm offer unequalled safety. Additional protection is ensured by high and low temperature warning functions as well as freezing protection and dry-running protection. These features ensure stable working temperatures, constant pressure of the circulating pump and avoid contamination in the cooling loop. Featuring various electrical connections, the TopLine models fulfill the requirements of modern laboratories.

Your advantages

  • Adjustable ratio for feed/return temperatures
  • Easy filling system located at the front
  • Activation of pump for filling
  • Upper and lower temperature warning functions with interval tone
  • Integrated freezing protection and dry-running protection
  • Rapid and easy operation via seamless, splash-proof keypad
  • Liquid level indication on the front
  • Self-test, reciprocal sensor monitoring, pump motor and compressor overload protection
  • Complete shut-down with audible signal in case of an alarm
  • Removable venting grid for simplified removal of dust
  • ATC function for simple correction of temperature variations
  • RS232 interface for on-line communication (LIMS capability)
  • High temperature stability
  • Integrated heater with 1.2 kW capacity 



Easy to read

Easy to read
Large LED temperature display for actual value and setpoint (resolution 0.1 °C)


Clearly structured

Clearly structured
Comfortable, splash-proof keypad for setpoint adjustment, high/low temperatures, timer and shaking frequeny (SW models)

Temperature Control


PID Temperature control with set control parameters, temperature stability ±0.02...±0.2 °C

High measuring accuracy

High measuring accuracy
Absolute Temperature Calibration’ for manual compensation of a temperature difference, 1-point calibration

Refrigeration Technology

Consistent cooling capacity

Consistent cooling capacity
Easily removable venting grid for quick and easy cleaning

100 % Cooling capacity

100 % Cooling capacity
Active Cooling Control’ for cooling available throughout the entire working temperature range, fast cool-down even at higher temperatures

Technical Features

Serial connection

Serial connection
RS232 interface for PC connection, e.g. for data communication and recording of measured values

Automatic control of operating time

Automatic control of operating time
Electronic countdown-timer function for timer-programmed unit shut-down, standby mode after programmed time expires

Warning & Safety Functions

Early warning system for high/low temperature limits

Early warning system for high/low temperature limits
Maximum safety for applications, optical and audible alarm, convertible to automated cut-off function

Enhanced protective functions 

Enhanced protective functions 
Maximum safety, adjustable high temperature cut-off or dry-running protection, additional display of setpoints permits easy and precise adjustments

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