CERI L-column2 ODS HPLC Columns

CERI L-column2 ODS HPLC Columns

Average particle size:
2µm, 3µm, 5µm
Average pore size:
120 Å
Surface area:
340 m2/g
Carbon contents:
17 %
Bonded phase:
C18 (Octadecyl)
USP category:
Range of pH:
pH 2 – pH 9

L-column2 ODS exceeds even the high performance of L-column ODS by virtue of its advanced new end-capping method. It accommodates the analysis of acidic, basic and chelating compounds.

Sharper peaks for acidic, basic and chelating compounds due to extremely low silanol adsorption.

Superior peak shapes in both acetonitrile/water and methanol/water mobile phases makes L-column2 ODS convenient to use.

Economical due to high durability in a wide range of pH and temperature.

Uniform lot to lot reproducibility of analyses due to extensive quality control measures.

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