CERI 842100 L-column3 C18 Octadecyl HPLC PCS Silica Column, 10mm x 250mm, 5μm Particle Size

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L-column 3 realized a dramatic improvement in chemical stability (acid resistance, alkali resistance) of filler by newly developed PCS silica and durable high end capping. It is an all-round column that can design any method freely.

Physical property information

Base material
PCS silica (porous high purity spherical silica)
Pore size
12 nm
Specific surface area
340 m 2 / g

Price Upon Application Or Discontinued

L-column 3 C18

Particle size
3 μm 5 μm
Modifying group
Octadecyl group
End capping
Durable altitude end capping
USP category
L 1
Used pH range
pH 1 to pH 12

PCS Silica (Perfect Chemical Stable Silica)
This is a highly durable base material that is not susceptible to corrosion even in alkaline solution.

Durable type advanced end capping
Advanced end capping ( adopted in L-column 2 ) is a method of reducing the silanol group to an extreme limit and covering the surface of the silica gel with high density, whereby secondary interaction with silanol groups and metallic impurities It is technology to eliminate to the limit. This was evolved by "endurance endurance endurance", which further improved low adsorption and durability due to inactivation.

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    Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute (CERI)
  • Chromatography HPLC or GC
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      L-column3 C18