CERI 752050 L-column2 ODS C18 Octadecyl HPLC Cartridge Guard Column, Guard Column, (Pack of 3), 4.6mm x 10mm, 5μm Particle Size

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Average particle size:2µm, 3µm, 5µm
Average pore size:120 Å
Surface area:340 m2/g
Carbon contents:17 %
Bonded phase:C18 (Octadecyl)
USP category:L1
Range of pH:pH 2 – pH 9
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The cartridge is mounted on the special holder, making it easy to replace the cartridge. There are two types of dedicated holders: direct connection and non-direct connection. 

L-column2 ODS exceeds even the high performance of L-column ODS by virtue of its advanced new end-capping method. It accommodates the analysis of acidic, basic and chelating compounds.

  • Sharper peaks for acidic, basic and chelating compounds due to extremely low silanol adsorption.
  • Superior peak shapes in both acetonitrile/water and methanol/water mobile phases makes L-column2 ODS convenient to use.
  • Economical due to high durability in a wide range of pH and temperature.
  • Uniform lot to lot reproducibility of analyses due to extensive quality control measures.
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    Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute (CERI)
  • Chromatography HPLC or GC
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      L-column2 ODS