CERI 612241 L-column C8 Octyl HPLC Column, 2.1mm x 35mm, 5μm Particle Size

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Particle size
5 μm
Pore size
12 nm
Specific surface area
340 m 2 / g
Carbon content
Modifying group
C8 (Octyl)
End capping method
High temperature gas phase endcapping
USP category
Used pH range
pH 2 to 7.5

 L-column C8 is a high performance octyl group column excluding secondary interaction due to residual silanol groups by high-temperature gas-phase end capping method. It is suitable for shortening the analysis time of hydrophobic substances and concomitant saving of solvent.

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L-column C8 employs the same high purity silica with a C8 bonded phase. It is believed that the silica surface is more open to adsorption for some compounds with a C8 than with a C18 bonded phase due to lessened steric hindrance. The advanced end-capping procedures have produced a particularly stable and durable C8 making it the optimum column for highly hydrophobic compounds and a time and solvent saving option for many applications.

Reduction of analysis time

L-column C8 reduces the elution time for hydrophobic compounds and shows good peak shape even for basic samples such as antihistamines

Improved separation

In general C8 columns show similar separation behaviour to C18 columns. However, there are separations that are enhanced by a slightly different selectivity for a few components on the shorter chain of a C8 column

High durability

Although some C8 columns deteriorate more rapidly, L-column C8 is chemically stable, producing a long useable

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    Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute (CERI)
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      L-column C8