CERI 600060 L-column L-1180 Octadecyl HPLC Column, 4.6mm x 30mm, 10μm Particle Size

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Physical property information

Particle size
10 μm
Pore size
6 nm
Specific surface area
500 m 2 / g
Carbon content
Modifying group
An octadecyl group, a diol group
End capping
USP category
Used pH range
pH 3 to pH 7.5

L-column L-1180 is an inner reversed-phase column in which an ODS group (hydrophobic) is inside the pores of the base silica gel and a diol group (hydrophilic) is chemically bonded to the outer surface. It is used as an online preprocessing column by column switching method.

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  • Simplification of sample pretreatment operation by column switching 
  • Prevention of clogging in analytical column by protein 
  • Time shortening analysis operation 
  • Concentration separation of analyte
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  • Manufacturer
    Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute (CERI)
  • Chromatography HPLC or GC
    • Particle size (µm)
    • Internal Diameter (mm)
    • Length (mm)
    • pH Range
    • Packing Phase
      L-column L-1180