Branson CPX-952-337R Bransonic M3800H-E Analogue Ultrasonic Bath With A Mechanical Timer and Heater On/Off - Fixed Temperature 60°C, 5.7 Litre Capacity, 230/240V including Cover

The extremely easy to use Bransonic M and MH Series cleaners ensure more uniform cleaning and consistent performance, even with multiple users or changes in bath conditions. Both the M and MH Series include a 60-minute mechanical timer and continuous operation, and the MH Series also provides heating capability. These cleaners offer a sweep frequency that eliminates standing waves and creates consistent cavitation throughout the tank, automatically maintaining the ultrasonic power by adjusting for changes in liquid level and temperature.


  • Heated Cleaning – up to 69°C/156.2°F 
  • 40kHz Industrial Transducers
  • 60-minute Mechanical Timer (can be set to run continuously)
  • Tower Control Panel
  • Built-in Pour Drain (½ & ¾ gallon) or Side Mounted Drain


  • Tank Capacity: 5,7 Litres
  • Weight: 5,4 kg
  • Overall.Dimensions.: 397 x 317 x 377
  • Tank Dimensions.: 290 x 150 x 150
  • NOTE: Tank cover included. For optimum cleaning results, Branson offers a line of accessories including perforated trays, solid trays, beaker covers and support racks for your application needs
  • £1050.00

The Bransonic® M Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath is the leading mechanical ultrasonic bath. It’s designed for performance, control, durability and reliability for a variety of applications. All Bransonic® baths can also be used for cell separation, sample preparation and degassing of liquids. 

M and MH Series cleaners offer the following features:

  •  Sweep frequency eliminates standing waves and creates consistent cavitation throughout the tank.
  • 40 kHz rugged industrial transducers.
  • Controls are located above and behind the cleaning tank in an easily accessible control tower panel, and raised above the tank to avoid damage from cleaning solutions.
  • Convenient built-in pour drains are featured on .5- and .75-gallon models.
  • Tank drains with valves are incorporated on models 1.5-gallon and larger. • Plastic body, chemical-resistant
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  • Manufacturer
    Emerson Industrial Automation
  • Ultrasonic Baths
    • Working Capacity (L)
    • Frequency (kHz)
    • Tank Size (L/W/D) mm
      290 x 150 x 150