Certoclav El 18 Set, 8501418, Vertical Portable Aluminium Autoclave, Thermostat Controlled, 18 Litre Capacity, 125°C/140°C Operating Temperature

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Temperature/pressure ranges
115°C (0.7 Bar)*
121°C (1.2 Bar)*
125°C (1.4 Bar)
140°C (2.7 Bar)
Test pressure4.1 Bar
Ventilation procedureFlow procedure
Application areaSterilisation, culture medium preparation, refuse sterilisation
Sterilisation goodsCompact instruments also simply packaged, liquids (culture mediums), bottles and equipment, refuse sterilisation
Inside diameter24 cm
Height, loading capability26 cm39 cm
Diagonal height35 cm46.5 cm
Weight7 kg8.5 kg
MaterialAluminium No. 3103 according to DIN 1725
Rated voltage230 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Performance1900 Watt
Temperature indicatorPrecision thermometer
Pressure indicatorPrecision manometer
Safety4 fold pressure relief protection device
ShipmentWith instrument countertop 
Measurements (mm)395 x 275 x 505
395 x 275 x 505
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The economical end-to-end solution

For more than 60 years, the CertoClav EL has been our tried and tested economic autoclave end-to-end solution with valve control. A precision thermometer, a control valve, and a precision manometer with drag indicator provide precise processes and accurate results for all applications. 

This model is available in two versions, each with two temperature levels. You can choose between 125/140 °C and 115/121 °C. These temperature settings are the controlled via the control valve on the lid. These valves are not interchangeable, because the thermostat of the device is harmonized and calibrated with the respective valve!

Important Features

  • The original!
  • robust construction
  • 2 temperature levels
  • simple operation
  • high heating capacity
  • venting by flow procedure
  • precision thermometer
  • precision manometer with drag pointer
  • heating plate integrated into base
  • thermostat controlled

Why CertoClav EL sterilizer?

Compact: benchtop autoclave located directly at the laboratory workplace.

Fast: short cycle times thanks to direct heating

Practical: always processing the right quantity. No waiting for the big autoclaves

Reliable: often more than 20 years in use. Lifelong service


Technical capability

Power output: selectable between 125°/140°C. Special valve 115°/121°C available (0.7 - 2.7 bar / 10.2 - 39.2 psi overpressure). Solution of culture media (Agar) at 100°C

Venting: venting using flow process. Steam saturation: non-condensable gases <3% (as mandated in EN 13060)

Sterilisation material: solid instruments, liquids (culture media) bottles and devices, waste sterilisation

Size, loading: optimal usage of chamber volume thanks to loading from above. Even long instruments up to 42 cm (18 L version) can be processed

Safety systems

Tried-and-tested technology: 50 years of experience in autoclave construction

Multiple systems: The 4-stage CertoSecure safety system consists of an excess pressure valve, pressure valve, safety cover locking device against opening to pressure and over-pressure safety recess.

Safe operation: the CertoLock lock closes safely with just one easy step. No need for time-consuming screwing as with other makes.


Type and fittings

Controller: pressure control via valve, temperature control via thermostat.

Instruments: precision manometer with drag pointer, precision thermometer

Connections: No additional water connection required. Electrics: 220V, 50-60Hz, 1900W

Standards: complies with international standards. GS mark in accordance with DIN and VDE/IEC (EN61010:1:2001 and 61010:2:040:2005). CE-conform.

Heater: integrated in base. Heating elements are not in contact with water, therefore extended service life

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      8200 g
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  • Capacity (Litres)
  • Sterilising Temperature (°C)
  • Overall Dimensions (mm)
    395 x 275 x 505
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    CertoClav Sterilizer GmbH