Certoclav Vac Pro 45, 8500610, Vacuum Pro Touch Series Autoclave, 45 Litres Capacity

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Technical Data:

Chamber Volume45 Litres
Chamber Diameter31.9cm
Chamber Depth61.7cm
Chamber Material304 Stainless Steel
Maximum Operating Pressure230 kPa
Main Connections220 V ±10 %/50 - 60 Hz
Heating Capacity2400 W
Programmable Operating Temperature
105 °C up to 134 °C
Net Weight120 Kg
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) mm840 x 640 x 560

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By intelligently combining vacuum, pressure and steam, the autoclaves of the CertoClav Vacuum Professional series are ideal for liquids and solids of all kinds. The additional media sensor guarantees thorough sterilization of liquids such as culture media. By means of the vacuum pump (Made in Germany), solid bodies of all materials as well as hollow bodies are optimally sterilized. Thanks to the preheatable chamber, the air-cooling system and the vacuum pump, a fast sterilization cycle including drying of around 20 minutes is guaranteed.

The extra-large 7“ touch screen offers intuitive operation, including free CertoCloud software for fully automated protocolling, remote maintenance, and an alarm system via PC, tablet or smartphone. The autoclave is able to notify maintenance personnel by e-mail or SMS. With its pre-defined standard programs, repeat function, automated documentation and short sterilization cycles, the CertoClav Vaccum Pro simplifies everyday work tremendously.

For the stand-alone devices only a power supply is needed. They are equipped with integrated water tanks for fresh and wastewater (3 l volume each). The water tanks are easy to clean and disinfect. The autoclaves with fixed water
connection are prepared for permanent installation. They are supplied fully automatically with water via a V/E water line. If only tap water is available, the automatic water supply can take place via the optionally available CertoClav reverse osmosis system

Important Features

  • ideal for material testing & quality control 
  • 8 customizable programs 
  • flexible media sensor 
  • 7“ touch screen 
  • automated documentation 
  • RS232, RS485, USB, SD card 
  • Ethernet, LAN, Wi-Fi 
  • Cloud connection 
  • ideal for sterilization of culture media in bottles 
  • 12, 18 22 and 45 litre chamber volume options

Why Vacuum Pro?

All-in-One: for the sterilization of solids and liquids

Safe: reliable sterilization thanks to integrated media sensor

Fast: short sterilization cycles from 20 minutes

Programmable: saving time through standard programs and automatic repeat function

Reliable: robust technology, high-quality components from brand manufacturers, vacuum pump Made in Germany

Documentation: automatic documentation via CertoCloud, GLP-conform


Technical features

Performance: sterilization temperature 105 ° C to 134 ° C, maximum operating pressure 230 kPa

Method: vacuum, pressure, steam

Volume: 12 / 18 / 22 / 45 liter

Control: via the 7" touchscreen or the CertoCloud web interface

Water supply: integrated water tank / by water connection (with RO system)

Programs: 10 standard programs for solids and liquids, all parameters editable

Automation: hundreds of sterilization cycles in a row - fully automatic - without user interaction, ideal for material testing


  • select from a number of predefined standard programs, all parameters can be adjusted for optimal sterilization
  • the automatic repeat function allows material testing with any number of sterilization cycles without user interaction. With the included CertoCloud software every single cycle can (even remotely) be monitored in real time and logged. The notification function informs the user via SMS or email when the process has completed.


7'' Touchscreen

  • user management
  • program selection and start
  • program editor
  • information and training portal
  • log viewing
  • integrated step-by-step-video-assistant

CertoCloud - autoclave management software

·         access data from your autoclave in real-time, even remotely

·         configure SMS and E-Mail notifications

·         view protocols and export them to signed PDF, Excel or ZIP

·         confirm the authenticity and validity of printed out protocols with a few clicks



Sterilization of solids

  • all sterilization programs for solids follow a typical Class-B cycle
  • precise combination of vacuum, pressure and temperature for optimal sterilization of solids
  • the fractionated vacuum presses the saturated water vapor through the sterilization package and into each microscopic gap

Sterilization of liquids

  • all sterilization programs for liquids follow a heating phase with venting followed by a sterilization phase and a final cooling phase
  • sterilize liquids at 121°C for 20 minutes
  • the integrated media sensor measures the real temperature of liquids and ensures an optimum sterilization result

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Microbiology/Bio Chemistry

  • Autoclave culture mediums
  • Refuse sterilisation
  • Efficiently processes small amounts – just in time

Food Industry

  • The complete autoclave solution for laboratories in the food processing industry
  • Sterilisation of utensils and refuse
  • Culture medium preparation

Material Testing

  • Testing for vapour resistance and material quality 
  • Long running cycles, ICP-TM 650, HAST test, pressure vessel test, hydrolysis, GLB-AL 631 
  • Special fabrications available upon request 
  • CertoClav MultiControl with a freely programmable electronic control

Schools and Universities

  • Robust autoclave, ideal for daily training operation


  • Sterilisation of instruments and packaging (i.e. eyedrop bottles and liquids)