Atago RE-110060, Sucrose Solutions, 60% Sucrose (±0.06%), Approx. 5ml

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Sucrose Solutions or Brix confirmation purpose. These solutions are used for confirming the measurements of ATAGO refractometers.

Parts Name
Sucrose Solution 60% (±0.05%)Parts No.RE-110060
Brix Concentration60.00 ± 0.05%ContentsApprox. 5ml
* Shelf life for those solution is for 6 weeks.
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Applicable Models
 "Pocket"Refractometer PAL-2 Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-4T
 "Pocket"Refractometer PAL-3 Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-4M
 "Pocket"Refractometer PAL-α Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-80H
 "Pocket"Refractometer PAL-LOOP Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-93H
 "Pocket"Refractometer PAL-Pâtissier Hand-Held Refractometer HSR-500
 "Pocket"Refractometer PAL-BX/RI Digital Refractometer "Palette" PR-201α
 Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-2α Digital Refractometer "Palette" PR-301α
 Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-2T Digital Refractometer SMART-1
 Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-2M Abbe Refractometer DR-A1
 Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-3α Abbe Refractometer NAR-1T LIQUID
 Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-3T Abbe Refractometer NAR-1T SOLID
 Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-3M Abbe Refractometer NAR-2T
 Hand-Held Refractometer MASTER-4α Abbe Refractometer NAR-3T
Applicable Predecessor Models
 Hand-Held Refractometer N-2E Hand-Held Refractometer H-80
 Hand-Held Refractometer N-4E Digital Refractometer "Palette" PR-200
 Hand-Held Refractometer ATC-2E Digital Refractometer "Palette" PR-300
 Hand-Held Refractometer N-2 Digital Refractometer "Palette" PR-2
 Hand-Held Refractometer N-3 Digital Refractometers RX-1000
 Hand-Held Refractometer N-4 Digital Refractometers RX-3000
 Hand-Held Refractometer H-50 Abbe Refractometer NAR-1T
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